Do corporations equal legalized monopoly and do they create greedy business professionals?

Asked by: JRM
  • I think so

    We are losing sovereignty by the minute. The heavy bureaucracy has enabled certain businesses and corporations to have better quality of rights than the average person.

    When you are that rich or that connected, it's a given you'll have friends that can back you with loans or subsidies. You'll have the money to afford legal professionals who manipulate the law the way YOU WANT THEM TO DO. The average citizen doesn't have this, and if (s)he tries for it, they are taking a risk and could be wasting precious time.

  • Large corporations create the haves and have not(s).

    Corporate heads don't care about their workers. Its all about pleasing themselves and the stock holders. Merging big businesses together should be stopped or controlled to protect the workers from being treated like slaves. Corporations take away purchase choices from consumers. Bring back the "MA and PA" shops, treat workers with respect and give the consumer choices! STOP THE GREED!

    Posted by: JRM
  • A Fallacy of Causation

    This is a fallacy of Cause And Effect.

    Because A often involves B
    Therefore A causes B

    Corporations do not equal Greed, as seen by the masses of millionaire and billionaire Philanthropists. Greed is simply existent... Money doesn't cause it. Such an idea has long ago been abandon by anyone of reason.

  • This is a stupid question..

    Why not just quit pretending this is a serious question and just say you have a misguided hatred of a corporation thereby calling it a monopoly, which is absurd. And monopolies haven't ever existed without the state or the state running a monopoly like the TSA. How this is supposed to then create "greedy" business people is beyond me.

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