• They don't care about or understand those below.

    There's a lack of compassion, understanding, and decency from those at the top of the pyramid. Corporations are run by people so yes, the people are exploiting workers. They work together as well, as wages at the bottom remain standard between companies, thus not allowing movement for a better life. The economy is rough as it is so just having a job is good, but it limits your options, easily allowing a corporation to take advantage. Profits continue to soar with no raises for those at the bottom. Common deceny would be to help those that help you. I guess it's easy though for corporations to say it's the government's job to take care of people, and we're helping more than we're hurting with our low prices but low wages.

  • They are power hungry, greedy thugs

    They have too many laws in place that help them and hurt the general population. They go and illegally dominate the market, and claim that we still have freedom. Yeah the freedom to starve. They claim what they are doing is lawful, when clearly they are owning more than they use, and then people have to sacrifice their rights to survive, just cause they think they are entitled to dominate the market in the name of ownership.

  • People exploit people Corporations are only a tool that help people exploit other people

    A corporation is an legal entity created by the law and owned and run by people. The Corporation is a man made tool that is used to exploit people for there benefit. A corporation has no soul no heart. But the people who own and run the corporation are doing the exploiting. This requires the masses to change the laws and hold the people who run the corporations accountable for there actions and decisions.

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