• Yes definitely in America

    I do believe corporations have more power than the people. For example, The Copyright Extension Act passed mostly because of corporations like the Walt Disney Company. This is mainly because of how much money they have. Because, While you may think your congressman will listen to his constituents over everything else, I assure you if a big company gives the a big sum of money, They will listen to the company. Also, One common argument on the "No" side is that corporations can't vote. While that may be true, I believe corporations care more about the laws that favor them more than the Presidents. Also there's lobbyists.

  • In America They Do

    I believe, for the most part in America, corporations have won more power over the federal and state governments. They clearly have more influence than the people. It is unfair because government was suppose to be installed for the people, but it is clear that the larger amounts of money you have, the more power you have.

  • Yes,corporations do have more power over governments than people.

    Yes,corporations do have more power over governments than people.Even though some people might say that corporations are people after a certain point they become nameless,faceless entities that have nothing more in common with the average person.They then manipulate government to the point that they no longer exist to represent the people.

  • Yes they do

    I definitely think that some corporations have greater power over governments than people do. Not everyone may believe that, and the government might even try and deny it, but in many cases corporations have more power than people. Corporations have more money than people, generally speaking. More money is more power unfortunately. Just because corporations have more power doesn't mean that people are insignificant though. People need to keep on voicing their beliefs and continue to be represented.

  • They are at the mercy of the government.

    No, corporations do not have more power over governments than people, because ultimately, there are a lot more people in the general public that vote than there are people who work for corporations. Government politicians who want to win reelection will pander to the people more than corporations, because that is where the most of the votes come from.

  • Corporations Can't Vote

    The 2012 Presidential Election proved corporations don't have more power over governments than people. With unlimited giving, corporations were able to give massive amounts of money to both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Although Romney had the funding edge, Obama won with grassroots campaigning. Romney could have had a $2 trillion campaign chest and he still would have lost the election.

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