Do Crawford v. Marion County voter ID laws restrict the right to vote?

  • We should make voting easier, not harder

    The Crawford v Marion County voter ID law requires a photo ID in order to place a ballot and vote for a candidate. However, many elderly people and some younger voters do not have the qualified ID in order to vote. Some people will say that they need to get a state ID which is free or low cost, but these are not always easy for elderly to obtain either. We need to make voting easier, not harder.

  • yes it can

    After Indiana enacted an election law (SEA 483) requiring citizens voting in person to present government-issued photo identification, petitioners filed separate suits challenging the law’s constitutionality. Following discovery, the District Court granted respondents summary judgment, finding the evidence in the record insufficient to support a facial attack on the statute’s validity. In affirming, the Seventh Circuit declined to judge the law by the strict standard set for poll taxes in Harper v. Virginia Bd. of Elections, 383 U. S. 663 , finding the burden on voters offset by the benefit of reducing the risk of fraud.
    Held: The judgment is affirmed.
    472 F. 3d 949, affirmed.
    Justice Stevens, joined by The Chief Justice and Justice Kennedy, concluded that the evidence in the record does not support a facial attack on SEA 483’s validity. Pp. 5–20.

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