Do "creationists" forget that there are differing creation stories in differing religions and cultures?

  • They certainly seem to.

    Creationism, particularly in the US, seems to be pushed by Christian fundamentalists who want to shove their religious beliefs into our public schools against Constitutional principles. They clamor about "equal time", forgetting that if we truly gave "equal time" we'd have to teach the creation myths of EVERY religion and civlization.

    Of course, they also forget that creationism isn't science in the first place, so what can you expect?

  • Fundamentalist Christians want creationism taught in schools, but only their version

    Its quite funny that christian pro-creationism in schools seem to forget that there are plenty of versions of creation as every religion and culture of the world has its own (http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/List_of_creation_myths, http://www.Buzzle.Com/articles/creation-stories-for-different-religions.Html), and none are based on the scientific method as they were written to try and answer a fundamental question about being human before the scientific method was developed.
    Hindus teach that "There have been and are many more worlds. They are created by Lord Brahma the Creator. Lord Vishnu is the Sustainer, while Lord Shiva plays the Destroyer. These three gods are forms of the Supreme entity. The universe is a vast ocean on which Lord Vishnu resides. The lotus flower that springs from his navel is the abode of Lord Brahma. The story of creation in Hinduism mentions that when Brahma gets lonely, he splits himself into male and female, the same for man and beast. Everything comes from different parts of his body. One day of Lord Brahma is supposed to be longer than four thousand million Earth years."

    Taoists teach that "the 'yin' and the 'yang', two opposite forces, working in conjunction with each other. Both these forces are, together, supposed to be the creative power that sustains life and being. Yin and yang are natural forces behind, even the gods. According to the theory, there was a time of utter chaos, mist, and emptiness. Suddenly, there was a colorful light from which all things sprang up. The mist shook, and everything that was light, rose up, while everything that was heavy, sank and became solid. The Heaven and the Earth yielded two strong forces - yin and yang. While yang is supposed to be hot, fiery, and masculine, yin is moist, cool, and feminine. Left alone, they are capable of destroying the world, and together they can generate balance and harmony. The belief is that yang created the sun, and the moon came from yin."

    The Cherokee have their own creation myth, http://www.Angelfire.Com/ok/TheCherokeeLady/creationmyth.Html
    as do the Australian Aborigines, http://www.Innovationslearning.Co.Uk/subjects/re/information/creation/australian_aborigines.Htm
    the African Maasai tribe http://www.Read-legends-and-myths.Com/maasai-creation-myth.Html
    ETC, ETC

    This is the entire point of separation of church and state. If you wish to send your child to a private religious school, that is your right. If you wish to tell your kids that science is evil and the theory of the Big Bang and genetics is false and teach them your own version of creation, that too is your right. But science class needs to stick to things that have scientific evidence. Without the scientific method sickness and disease would still be a mystery (caused by evil vapors i suppose), horse and carriage still the best mode of land transportation, humans of darker skin were thought inferior when genetically there is almost no difference between any humans (okay some still hold this view even though science has disproved it), just to name a few

  • No, they don't forget.

    In every religion there are different stories explaining the creation of the Universe. Whether it be the Olympian gods or the Christian God, EVERY religion accepts the idea of creationism. The difference being is HOW humanity was created. They all have the same basic belief that an omniscient being(s) created the universe, just HOW and WHEN they created the universe and humanity differs amongst religions. But overall yes, they do know that their are different creation theories amongst different religions, but they all share the same basic belief of creationism.

  • I'm, a creationist, and I don't.

    I am a Christian creationist. However, I and all my fellow creationists do understand that there are different creation stories. We just choose one out of those to believe because we see it as making most sense. We have to choose one because it's practically impossible to believe in two different creation stories at the same time.

  • I see it quite differently:

    You know, there are also many accounts of a great flood similar to the one in Genesis... It would be my contention that so many (often, very similar) accounts from so many different civilizations all over the globe stands as very good evidence that there actually was a global flood between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago. The flood account in Genesis, like the creation account, was passed along by a very intentionally memorable oral tradition. This is evident in the way the accounts were written, including the memory devices and other literary devices employed.

    Now with this perspective, the evidence doesn't argue in favor of the Judeo-Christian account as the one true account--though I (as a Christian) believe it is--but it doesn't argue against it either.

    I'm not sure what is being implied by the Opinion Title, worded as a question... But if it is intended as evidence that the creation account of Genesis is false, then the opinion is logically flawed. If it is intended as some sort of jab against "creationists", I'd say the opinion is attempting to construct (with little skill) a very saggy straw man.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Obviously no one forgets, but it's hard to consider them important when they teach in something other than a proper pirate costume. I mean they could be teaching about anything, and thus should be ignored as if they were teaching math. Whereas a pirate costume, that catches the eye and keeps people awake to listen.

  • They don't forget

    I'm not a creationist. But the creationists don't FORGET there are differing creation stories. They just think they are false and that theirs is the only one that is true. They just think that the others are idols and false religion, and that t h e i r s is the only one that is true.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T02:13:16.937
It is unclear whether it is forgotten, disregarded/neglected and marginalized, or simply unknown due to being uninformed/ignorant.