Do credit agencies which engage in loan discrimination deserve to be permanently shut down by the federal government?

  • Yes, no one person should be discrimated period.

    Loan discrimination, and any discrimination in any business, should be shut down immediately. Not only does this hurt the economy, it hurts the general society. Diving into a certain race and excluding another will drive away business. People may later be afraid to go to another loan company for fear of the same rejection. It is why these business should be shut down immidiately.

  • Yes, credit agencies who engage in unfair discrimination deserve to be shut down

    Any credit agency that engages in loan discrimination should be permanently shut down and/ or restructured before it is allowed to be reopened. Loans should be given to those who qualify for them at the same interest rates no matter any other information that might bias the lenders. Indeed, these credit agencies and banks are unethical and should not be allowed to discriminate, as other companies like restaurants are no longer allowed to.

  • Yes, credit agencies caught discriminating against some people should be shut down.

    If a credit agency is guilty of engaging in loan discriminationing against some people, then the federal government should permanently shut them down. Such behaviors cannot be tolerated by the American people. If credit agencies are allowed to do that, then any of us can be affected by their actions.

  • yes they do

    Yes, I think that these agencies do need to be shut down by the government, since they are not helping out the world at all, and that they are trying to hurt a lot of the people that are in this nation and that have to do business with them.

  • Yes, they do.

    I strongly believe that any form of discrimination should be against the law, and this includes loan discrimination. The reasons for loan discrimination are almost always ridiculous. Things like youth, race, and even gender can play a factor. Nonsense like this needs to end soon. It would be better for us all.

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