Do credit card companies target uneducated and young people?

  • Lawsuit worthy (free the claves)

    Lawsuits are hopefully going to come their way just like the tobacco industry got what came to them for marketing to kids and African Americans. Yes kids can be dumb. But the industry is clearly taking advantage of a "parentless" generation. These parents today just aren't there for their kids. It's sad and I'm sorry to all who have fallen into these credit traps. Soon they'll see what will happen. All things come to an end. Good or bad.

  • Yes yes yes

    Credit card companies are going after young uneducated kids in college and Evan in there last years of high school . Credit card companies are trying to get more and more people to buy there credit or debit card just to get our young to get them . Perspiration is the key to them

  • Yes they do cuz' youngsters are naive

    They basically target young people cuz' we are so naive and don't really worry about the consequences of things, so they basically don't tell us what happens when we don't pay a little extra from the minimum payment so the little extra that we're supposed to pay that we don't adds up, and then there's the interest on that, so it accumulates and puts young people in really huge debt.

  • Yes they do

    I think they want the younfg people to fall into debt at a young age and they hook them because since they are first time credit card users they are most likely not aware of the high interest apr feee and late fees they will encounter with the car. The responsiblitly of the card is hidden

  • OF course credit card companies target unfortunate

    Oftentimes, a credit card company will specifically target high school students and college-bound students, by using catch words such as "this will help you". But, they neglect to mention their services comes at a cost, which can become exponentially costly in the long run. Young people don't completely understand long-term interest rates

  • Absolutely! College kids and the elderly are targeted!

    Credit card companies not only target college kids but also the elderly. Both groups typically do not understand the responsibility of a credit card which often translates into big bucks in late fees, over change fees, and interest charges for the credit card company. If you think I am wrong ask yourself, why do credit card companies spend money to set up and give away free stuff on college campuses? It is because they know they will get back all they spend on the venture and then some.

  • Cred Card Companies Target Young and Uneducated People

    When I was a PYT at a community college it was obvious that credit card companies wanted my business. This was before any laws were passed RE the situation. Every time I went to buy my text books there was a credit card application in the bag. I think for me at the time a big part of school was learning about being indebted, and rounding out my finances with credit seemed like an extension of the borrowing I was already doing.

  • Of course they do!

    Yes I think credit card companies target uneducated and young people because they aren’t fully educated in spending their money responsibly. Oftentimes credit card companies will target high-school students and college students because they have a disposable income. And if they don’t have an income they take advantage of this my charging lots of interest. They also target young people because they can easily get them hooked with incentives and prizes.

  • Credit card companies targeting uneducated and young people

    Yes credit card companies target uneducated people and you might be wondering why? This is because credit card companies know that young adults are not wise and knowledgeable about how to take care of their money, many who would buy something as long as they like it, not paying much attention to the price tag. Young adults are not fully aware that buying a brand new 2013 model of a Ford Escape will actually depreciate their net worth over a period of time, nor do they realize that credit card companies are very willing to give them a post-secondary education loan because it will put young adults at long-term debt while they'll be racking in the money while you're hard at work on the job you just got after graduating. Banks and credit card companies are motivated knowing that you have what they want, your hard-earned money soaked with your blood, sweat and tears.

  • they have no idea

    Well because the uneducated people don't have any idea on what they are doing by buying and using the credit card. The credit cars are actually a loan that the credit card companies are giving out. If the user misses a payment, the credit card companies have the right to charge them crazy fees.

  • Why would they do that?

    Credit card companies target everyone the same.

  • It is unecessary for them to target young & uneducated people.

    these people don't need to be targeted as obviously, their parents would not allow them to own a credit card. Uneducated people would not have enough money to use and therefore credit card companies do not have much to earn from them.

  • Search Online and Then Decide

    No company can make you fool unless you want to be. Being educated is different than being Knowledgeable. One needs to have more knowledge than being educated and there are many portals ( )and websites that provides you detail information on not only credit cards but also on all kinds of financial related issues.
    So I will vote against it, I am confident on this because I had a project that had similar hypothesis and the conclusion was that it is a myth that uneducated people are more victims of credit card companies..

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