• Criminals have way to many rights.

    Criminals who are in just should have everything taken away from them. They should have no electricity, lights, or privileges. The should not have floors, rooms, or even a bed. Life should be made miserable for criminals so they will not keep coming back. Make them work for their food.

  • Null and void criminal rights

    When a criminal confesses to a crime they should be prosecuted a punished pure and simple. Along with the prison sentences they want food they pay for it, they want T.V. they pay for it, and if they want to be healthy then they have to pay just like every one on the outside. They don't have the money (too bad) guess they get nothing and that would sit just right with all of their victims.

  • Yes. Impose The Penalty

    Due process is guaranteed. Once due process has been completed, the criminal must be accountable for his or her actions by facing the penalty (death or otherwise). Once the penalty has been properly imposed, only then will criminal victims who died violently, and their loved ones, will get some measure of justice.

  • The police need more community support.

    The police go out and risk their life to protect us and get the criminals off our streets and then the next thing you know, the bad guys get off on a legal technicality. The police are under so much pressure from policies that protect the criminals that they can't just get the bad guys. What happen to do the crime, do the time. Support the police because they are our protectors. And vote for Judges that aren't afraid to protect victims of crime and our police.

  • Way too many rights.

    CONVICTED criminals (enough with the wrongly convicted/I'm innocent argument already) have way too many rights. They get meals, housing, medcal, schooling, attorneys, recreational activities, tv, commissary... The list goes on and on... How many law abiding citizens can afford all that?? How many people struggle to provide for their families? And yet criminals, and their advocates, scream for more. SMH. Possible solution? Anyone who chooses to provide for criminals do so out of their own pocket. My taxes weren't meant to fund anemities for criminals. Its supposed to be "Hard Time", make it so.

  • Forgotten victims and families

    Those who are accused of a crime possess entirely too many rights. What about the rights of victims and their families? Do these individuals "not count" in society today? After an exhausting trial process that can be emotionally draining, many feel no resolution or even retribution for the wrong that they have endured.

  • Criminals are treated how they should be treated.

    I think for the most part criminals are not given too many rights and are treated how they should be treated. They are not given all the rights a regular human being would have, but they are treated how a criminal should be treated. Although i believe they do not get too many rights in general, in some cases they do.

  • Criminals can have unfair advantages-

    In today's society, we all know criminals have a set of rights. I do not think a person should have the right to remain silent because if the criminal remains silent, nothing will be solved. It would not be ok if the criminal was interrogated harshly for answers, but they should be required to speak the truth while being questioned for a case.

  • Criminals have WAY to many rights!!

    Criminals have many rights after being accused of a crime. One big one is the right to remain silent. This is unfair to victims due to the fact that they could avoid showing their guilt. A criminal could be guilty and proven innocent due to the right to remain silent because they don't have to necessarily answer the questions asked that could show that they actually are guilty. This is extremely unfair to the victims therefore criminals have way to many rights.

  • Yes, the accused get too many rights.

    The accused having the right to remain silent may be fortunate for them, however, not for others. This right may be the only way to prove them guilty if there are no strong pieces of evidence. If the accused is not guilty, there is no reason to avoid answering questions unless you have something to hide.

  • No, they don' t have too many. If anything, they need more.

    People are wrongly accused of crimes all the time. They scan spend a whole year waiting in prison before they're even tried for said crime. If you are wrongly accused of a crime, you wouldn't want all your rights stripped away so that you couldn't defend yourself, you would want as many rights as you can get. You shouldn't be forced to answer any questions or go with any cops because obviously you're going to be nervous and scared, which just makes the defendant seem guilty. That doesn't mean they ARE guilty, it just means they're scared, which is understandable considering what is happening to them. Would you remain calm if you were being accused of a crime you didn't commit?

  • No I don't think they get to many rights

    Just because someone is arrested does not mean that they are guilty. They should have the right to have someone represent them and help prove them innocent because they might not be guilty of the crime. If they do not have rights then they will just be guilty. They should always have the right to a lawyer

  • No, criminals don't have enough rights.

    Most people that are put in jail shouldn't even be there. Do these people ever get the unnecessary time they spent in jail back? People could be put in jail up too years before they are even tried, which means that they could be 100 percent innocent but still serving time for a crime they did not commit.

  • No not enough

    Once a person is convicted of a crime they are held in a prison where they must wait to see if they are guilty or not guilty. They don't get to go home and talk or be with their families. In the prison they lose the right to talk and do what they want, the have to follow the rules of the prison.

  • The accused have sufficient rights

    Although the U.S. has a fairly large amount of rights for people accused of a crime, it is still not too many. It can be argued that the Miranda Rights give more power to criminals then their victims, however, these rights are necessary to protect those who are wrongfully accused of a crime. It is sometimes assumed that everyone who is arrested is a criminal, but they are technically innocent citizens until a jury determines them guilty in a court of law.

  • Yes i think they have enough rights

    I think criminals have enough rights already. You don't want criminals to have to many rights because they will not really get in trouble because of their rights. Also, if criminals get to many rights i think they might abuse the privilege of having so many rights. Also they aren't even proved guilty until they are proven guilty

  • No they don't!

    In my opinion i think that if a person is being tried for a crime even if they did it or not they would want to use every right they can get . There are rights to help and protect the people of the United states. But there are not too many there are a fair amount of rights.

  • No-good amount of rights

    I think criminals have just the right amount of rights. There is not to many or not enough. I think criminal get treated right. Also if you committed a crime you have to get all the rights you can get. Every is proved innocent until a jury decides if your innocent or guilty.

  • Not everyone is guilty

    The laws that are being discussed here are ones that are supposed to protect people who might have been wrongly accused. The goal of say the Miranda rights are not supposed to help criminals get away with things, they are to find the person that committed the crime in question.

  • Everything is fine the way it is!!

    Criminal or not criminal...Every person deserves the right and opportunity to be granted the same rights. I don't think that criminals have to many rights I believe every U.S citizens deserve to be treated the same and granted the same rights because this is America where we as a country are known for our independence and freedom. Land of the free.

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