Do criminals who run high-tech crime operations deserve to be exposed to the death penalty in the states which still have not forbidden it?

  • HighTechCriminals are engineering advanced energy based weapons that allow them to sexually assault, torture and terrorize. (How do I know? I am a current victim)

    My name is Ashli and I currently reside in Texas. I am just a regular citizen trying to do as much good as I can for my community. I am also a CURRENT victim of a high tech group of terrorist (hackers ) who have engineered energy based technology that gives them the ability to violate privacy and the integrity of an individuals body remotely (from a location). I create public awareness about new forms of high tech crime and about the presence of a high tech domestic terrorist organization that is operating in the State of Texas, City of Houston and possibly other cities around our country.

    After spending several years trying to educate law enforcement and others on new and developing trends in cyber crime in Texas I am considering leaving my state because I haven’t had much luck with getting these issues with high tech crime addressed here and so I am hoping to start my activism efforts up else where. Not just to get the crime addressed so that I can “save my life”. This is not a joke. A high tech criminal domestic terrorists organization has started a new black market crime that allowed high tech criminals to assault a person remotely.

    Advanced cyber criminals are now in the business of engineering sophisticated weapons that allows them to: (1)see thru walls ,(2) interact with data in a physical way, (3)violate privacy by listening in remotely to individuals and government (4)intercept radio, television and cell signals discreetly using long range radio wave technology , and engage in sexual exploitation of vulnerable populations like women, children and the less fortunate. High tech criminals have developed new ways to violate human rights and the law, from further distances away all with computer based technology. In Texas a new form of high tech crime is making its way across our country.

    I have attached a few links that give examples of current high tech technology that is still in development. Most people don't realize that before law enforcement is aware of new forms of high tech crime, hackers and computer developers are free to utilize the technology at their discretion because they know that police is not capable of policing it. That is the case with this emerging forms of advanced cyber crime that are popping up all over the country.

    Get aware. WRITE YOUR LOCAL POLICY MAKERS. If they can victimize me and get away with it, you can be victimized too. They aren’t just hacking computers they are remotely torturing . Please check out my site:

    1) Sebastian, A. (2013) MIT WiTrack: Cheap, through-wall 3D motion tracking for gaming, fall
    detection, smart homes: Extreme Tech. Retrieved from

    2)United Press International. (2013). Ultrasound System gives virtual feeling of objects in mid air. Retrieved from

    3) Washington University.(2013) Ambient Backscatter: Wireless Communication out of Thin Air.Retrieved from .

    4) The Hacker News.(2012)Intercepting Traffic of wide range frequencies with HackRF. Retrieved from
    http://thehackernews.Com/2012/10/intercepting-traffic-of-widerange.Html .

  • If they hurt many people.

    Yes, criminals who run high-tech crime operations deserve the death penalty if it is allowed, because those who use high-tech crime are often able to hurt large numbers of people. If someone can use technology to find more victims to crime, if it becomes severe enough, they should pay with their life.

  • No they should not

    Assuming that the crimes that they committed did not result in any loss of life, no, they should not be exposed to the death penalty and even if it did, I still would not say it is okay. I just do not think it is okay to have a death penalty at all.

  • No Lives Left

    Crime is a terrible thing and criminals do deserve punishment. However, one of the best things about the potential of the United States' judicial system is that the punishment is catered to fit the crime in as many cases as the courts can manage, though man extraneous cases of harsher punishments for soft crimes still widely occur . . . too widely. A high-tech crime unlike rape or murder does not indicate the lack of a person's regard for human life. In fact, many high-tech crime operations stem from a staunch fear of poverty or loss of status which might deserve detainment and certainly rehabilitation like every other criminal deserves to become a better part of society once more. Death in those instances would fall into the category of cruel and unusual punishment which is strictly forbidden by our laws and mandates.

  • No Death Penalty

    I do not support the death penalty even for murders so I see no reason to use it for those who commit high-tech crimes. The death penalty is heavy handed and I don't really feel it serves justice. I believe prison time is much harder to deal with, especially for longer periods of time.

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