• Yes i agree that

    Because teenagers will stay home and will be save there if they go outside they can make anusuall thinks so i agree carefew is a good idea to stop criminality vandalism. Teenagers have it bad enough already there is so much restriction and than adults criticize you for not having a job

  • Parents teenagers and kids need curfews protect your kids future

    Curfews should be established think about grades.If want your child grades to slip where would they get life they wouldn't have a good education.And what about the crime on the street these happen every night what if your child is walking around in the middle of the night and gets kidnapped or force to take a drug this make child wish they were and should know hen to come home .So yes there should be curfews we got to protect their future even their life these kids they don't wanna be lock up in jail they want to get their education.After what a million kids discovered without curfews and now in jail they know they should of made the right decision.Or some kids don't need curfews because they are trustworthy and know that they will come home on time and do their homework but some are not instead they like to do what they won't .If your child is like that you have to established curfews quick or their going to have a bad future.So what do you parents think now do you think kids and teenagers need curfews or not? By the way I am a eigth grader at R.K. Smith Middle School in Louisiana writhing a essay about this

  • Curfews reduce victims!

    Although curfews do not really discourage those determined to do bad, it does reduce the pool of victims that they have to act upon. It also curb down crimes enacted from boredom. Sneaking out to graffiti because you are bored looks less appealing to a juvenile if there are more consequences.

  • curfew actually reduce violence

    They will be out to commit more.No, reducing the amount of juvenile offenders in prison will not lower crime rates, because the people will be more likely to out on the streets committing crime. Some people are always going to be predisposed to be unable to follow the law. These people should be disabled by being in jail, so that they cannot be out hurting other people.

  • Less people out means less crime

    Yes, I believe that curfews do reduce crime rates. I say this because a good amount of the crimes that happen go on at hours that kids of certain age should not be out anyway. If you are not at, going or coming from work there is no reason for a kid of a certain age should be outside roaming the streets.

  • reduce crime rates

    I personally agree,Teen curfew is supposed to reduce teen crime at night, and it does. People overlook the statistic, that the day time crime increases. Teen curfew reduces crime at night but when teens can’t do crimes at night they do it in the day. They also don’t think about temptation, drug use, and pregnancy that can all happen in the day.

  • Not at all

    No, a curfew does not make the crime rate in a place any lower. I know where I am from we would just stay the night where we wanted to be, and then still do all of the dumb illegal stuff that we wanted to do and not get caught.

  • That is highly unlikely

    I'll preface this by saying I'm 25, not a teenager. So I have no reason to be biased. I just remember what it was like to be a teenager.

    Unless the place is in such dire straits that anything and everything to reduce crime must be done then it's not worth it.

    You are implying that adolescents are all criminals. (This incidentally makes me doubtful that it will reduce crime. Offended adolescents will rebel by proving you right, though they may be more secretive about it)

    People who are planning or committing crimes should be punished. Something should not be a crime just because you suspect the person might be committing a crime. You are sidestepping the rules of evidence by labeling behavior you find suspicious itself a crime. If you want to question a teenager on what they were doing outside so late in a trial for graffiti or what ever it is go ahead, but merely being outside late should not itself be a crime.

    On the other hand if your concern is more that adolescents may become victims of crime you are blaming and punishing the victims much like the same rationale used in muslim fundamentalist regimes for requiring women to go out with a chaffeur.

    Teenagers have it bad enough already. There is so much restriction and then adults criticize you for not having a job (before you are of age to get one). If I would've had the freedom I would've done a lot more with my life at that age. I can tell you from experience that teenagers deal with restrictions by acting out, by rebelling, and sometimes this includes crime. So by burdening teenagers with more restrictions you're encouraging crime.

    An oft used argument is that there is no reason to be out so late. Teenagers are humans. They have friends and they do normal human things with them. Maybe he's walking to his friends house to see a movie or for a sleepover. Making the parents responsible for driving them around everywhere is not good for teenagers who need to develop maturity, self-sufficiency, and independence. You are keeping them kids.

  • The only thing reduced is their freedom

    Teens need to be given freedom in their life, they need to be allowed to make choices and be who they are. Punish them if they do something wrong, but to teens a curfew is a punishment to them, since they can't stay up with their friends. By enforcing a curfew, you're implying that you don't trust them enough to stay safe or not do illegal things at night

  • Innocent until proven guilty

    Automatically assuming that kids are up to no good is rather annoying and offensive. If being out late is a crime than everyone would be guilty. People should be held responsible for the acts they have actually committed opposed to being punished when no wrongs have been done k thanks bye

  • And then what?

    What of the punk kids who violate curfew anyway? I think there's a term for that. Oh yeah, it's a crime. Outlawing something will lead to crime, because there will always be some chucklehead.
    A better way to do it would be to subsidize the Internet on top of distributing free computers and connections, and making the homepage TvTropes while they're at it.

  • I honestly say no

    Reason why i say no is because me as a person and still being a teen a few years back i was on house arrest because i was in on time and snuck out after curfew its so easy to get out so curfew has no affect on juvenile crimes

  • Time of Crime

    Although most people think curfew would shape teenagers into becoming a more rational human being by not letting them stay out late, Studied have already shown that crime rates are higher before the curfew implemented was even reached. This information just shows that teenagers are capable of bending the rules

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