• Yes, because they are off the streets and in homes where they can be safe and out of trouble.

    I believe that this helps keep kids out of trouble, because they can be inside homes doing something productive. Being outside just wastes their time, but they don't realize this, because they think it's okay. We adults have to be there to help teach these young children before it's too late. If we stand up together, we can fight crime and even help get these kids off the streets.

  • Curfews Keep Family Together!

    Curfew provide a time for teens to be home, thus keeping them out of the streets after hours. Most parents have curfews that are reasonable, but for those that do not have the ability to do so, a curfew provides safety for the children. Can anyone argue that in a city like Chicago were children are killing each other everyday and where children are outside till 4 and 5 O'clock in the morning, a curfew would not help? It cannot be the only solution to the problem, but it can be part of the solution. #SavingChicagoChildren

  • Curfews helps teens.

    I'm not even a teen yet and I don't WANT a curfew, but I do believe it helps keep teens out of trouble. I support the idea even if I don't like it. I think a curfew will help shape teens to be good people with good morals. Teens need a curfew.

  • Yes this is important!!!!!!!

    Because myself has a mother have three teen children and let me tell you something they need to have a curfew because they did not want to listen to me what so ever I had tried everything and sense I have been giving them a curfew they have been listening to me a whole lot more now they have made me very proud and know they show me the love and affection I need!

  • They are indoors and their parents can keep an eye on them.

    They are indoors and their parents can keep an eye on them and they won't get into trouble with their friends or other people who are out at night. These reasons clearly show that by introducing a curfew, teenagers will be encouraged to keep out of trouble and eventually will behave themselves.

  • Yes, for teen curfews.

    I am a teen myself and I can say that it is a good thing that they are doing right now. It can make them better in the future laws. Mayor Patel is weird, by the way. But yeah, curfews are needed. High school students/teenagers need freedom but also need to behave like adults.

  • Yes a curfew keeps teens out of trouble.

    I think that it should be changed because teens the age of 13 and up should be able to stay out to all hours, unless if told to come home by parents. If not, there should be a punishment by the police if the parents call to tell them that your late.

  • Yes

    It will keep teenagers out of trouble and leave others in peace and also will couse less trouble for the comunity and polices can have more peace and less time.
    And also people will cures less arguments and be more active and not do bad stuff.
    by zarghoona amiri bye

  • It contributes.

    Although trouble doesn't have a timestamp, it's well established that majority of activities that would fall under the general category of "troublesome" are carried out under the cover of night. You can't deny that cutting out that nighttime period will significantly reduce the teen's chances to get into trouble in the first place.

  • A teen Curfew should been enforced at times.

    Because, when thier parents are out of town and they are alone,the teen shouldnt be able to stay away from thier own house for long at night. This will mostly keep them out of trouble. Now the curfew doesn't have to be so early but it should atleast be at 11:30pm-12:00am.

  • A little bit of advice from a teen.

    I am a teenager, so you might all think that I am biased towards this decision, but I've had times with and without a curfew. And I say this, honestly, its hasn't helped me at all. My dad would let me do what I wanted from when I got home from school to when I went to bed (which was around 10:30, but never enforced). He told me if my grades dropped or if I did something wrong, I would get a curfew. I did mess up and my curfew was to go to bed at 10 and put the computer away at 9. I have listened to this, and my stepmom says that I will feel better when I wake up in the mornings because I'm going to bed earlier. This isn't true because when I would go to bed at 10:30, I would fall asleep at 11. I still fall asleep at 11, even though I go to bed at 10. The curfew hasn't help at all. In fact, its just made me, my friends and my other relatives bitter towards my parents because they cannot reach me after 9 o' clock, especially if its an emergency. I know a lot of people aren't going to listen to me because I'm still young and have a lot to learn, but from what I have learned (because I'm one of those kid who DOES listen to their parent's advice and pays attention to detail) most teenagers won't learn something unless they mess up or do it themselves. Trying to force them to stay out of trouble will only make them want it more. Its like an itch you can't scratch. Before you knew it was there, you didn't care. But now that you've scratched it once, you want to keep scratching. And if the doctor says scratch, you might or might not. But if he says no, you will always have that urge. Its true for all humans, not just teenagers. We're just more likely to succumb due to our ignorance (not knowing something for those who think ignorant is such a vile word) and innocence.

  • NO CURFEWS!!!!

    I think there should not be a curfew because 1) most crimes happen during the day 2)People can be at the wrong place at the wrong time 3)if you don't give your child freedom they will go out behind your back 4)If you cant control your child you need to have control 5) It is also nobody's business what your child is doing.

  • dont think teens should have curfews

    I don't think teens should have curfews because what if their parents get to stay out and i don't think it is fare for the teens to stay inside when they have to go to school like everyday and they have to stay inside the whole time i just don't think us teens should have curfews.

  • Cops and Parents are easy to dodge

    Parents and cops are stupid. I mean parents just give us curfews because they remember what happen when they were young. But they need to know us teens are smarter than they were. We dont get caught we dont get in trouble. And if do, so what, we're big boys and girls, we can handle ourselves. Parents underestimate this generation when they shouldn't. same things with the police you cant catch us and you never will so please stay out of my way

  • No, no, no.

    I'm an 18 years old now but when I was younger a curfew didn't stop me from doing what I wanted. If I wanted to stay out late I'd wait till my parents went to sleep, I'd sneak out, get in my car and go where ever I wanted. I always told my mom what I was doing. If she told me to be home at a certain time I would be, but as soon as she was snoring I left again. When I got caught I'd get in trouble but it didn't stop me from doing it again. So, no a curfew doesn't help. A teenager likes to rebel and push the limits.

  • Curfews do not help.

    If you take a minute to think about it, curfews will not keep you out of trouble. Plus how is a law supposed to stop someone who breaks the law already?! Teenagers love to be cool and "popular" breaking the law gets them both points in these fields. A police officer should not be looking out for kids who are out past curfew, they should be doing something useful with their time such as guarding homes from killers, looking for drug dealers, or spending time with their families. All curfews do is create stress, anger, and rebellion. A parent is always worried for their child, if a child is caught past curfew the parent is blamed even though the kid is fine. All people should be aware curfews do not keep kids at home. Any crime that happens after curfew can, and will happen before curfew just as easily.

  • Forget curfew, it's the teens choice.

    All I'm going to say to this is it doesn't matter if it's 3 in the morning, or 3 in the afternoon, if a teen wants to do something bad they will. Curfew is stupid! When it comes to the fact of whether the law should have a curfew or not, it's stupid! Teens should be able to stay out as late as they want and should be able to make their own decisions, I mean they are about to be adults right!

  • No, it takes away freedom.

    Curfews do not keep people out of trouble. Many crimes can be caused in the daytime. Plus, not all teenagers cause trouble. Teenagers should have more freedom. Teenagers should be responsible for their own choices and decisions. Curfews will not work. Teens will break this law either way. Let teens live their lives the way they want to.

  • No, don't you trust your teen?

    I have read a lot of the different arguments going back and forth and I believe that both sides have their strong points and both sides have their weaknesses. I have seen the argument. Yes, the teens need to be disciplined, and need to be safe from the streets, but seriously do you really think a curfew is keeping them in? When I was a teen I snuck out of my bedroom window all the time to go hang with friends at night while my parents were sleeping, but when my parents found out they sat me down and told me that I don't have to sneak out to go hang out. My parents trusted me enough and trusted themselves enough that they raised me to stay out of trouble on my own. I am not talking when I was 13 because 13 is still a preteen in my mind.

  • Curfews do not help.

    I do not think that curfews help because a teen might be furious because of a "too early" curfew, break it and get into more trouble than before. So my opinion is that curfews do not help at all. Another thing is that if a teen is rowdy and rude anyways then what is a curfew going to do. The rowdy teen will just sneak out of the house after his parents go to sleep anyways.

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Anonymous says2013-02-21T22:37:53.933
Strange how we debate over these things
Anonymous says2013-03-29T20:48:39.263
I think its time to just test it out instead of debating it. Nothing comes from just sitting and talking about it. I mean sure now we know peoples ideas and stuff like that but, maybe just maybe if we took action and rise to the occasion we can see a difference. I personally hate to hear that a teen is sitting on their porch or standing out side their door has died. I think people should just give it a try I really wouldn't mind.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T17:46:08.127
I think that teens should have curfews for a reason to keep them out of trouble with the law and there parents.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T01:45:08.417
I think teens need a curfew. They need boundaries but they also need to have some say in their curfew time so that they don't feel ordered around.
Anonymous says2013-07-12T19:07:42.807
I think this law is too demanding in a way they limit teens today. As of now teenagers disobey and ignore half the laws this country gives, i mean seriously making this law is useless and the government should focus more on other things instead of worrying about teens. Let us be us cant people just trust us once! I mean its bad enouygh we must go to school for 8 hours a day but that we cant stay out and have fun? We work our brains out for 5 day just to be yelled at and grounded because were not home by 10:00? Seriously think about what the government is doing we have enough problems already withe the war in irag........Focus on that more!
mattodul says2017-04-21T23:28:45.137
There has been debates going on about whether there should or shouldn’t be a curfew in many cities, states, and even world-wide; many people are against it, others are all for it. It is not justified for there to be a curfew for kids at the ages of 15 and up, at this age, the kids are more responsible and should have more freedom than they do, whether it is to hang out with their friends late, going over after school and studying, or simply going to the store at night. Many people believe that if there is a curfew, the vandalizing of businesses will stop; however, if there is a curfew, the teenagers will become extremely bored and want to sneak out and stir up trouble. Teenagers are considered young adults by millions of adults, so if adults do not have a curfew, then neither should the teenagers because they do have a curfew while the elders do not, then the adults are giving bad examples of double-standards. Curfews limit what these teenagers can do and should not be put into effect.

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