Do Current Drug Laws and Policies Discriminate Against Minorities and Women?

  • Current drug laws discriinate against minorities

    No so much women, but current drug laws and policies do effect minorities more than any other groups. One example of this is enforcement. Minorities have a much higher conviction rate than white drug uses and their sentences tend to be much more severe. This creates a racist system where minorities are unfairy targeted.

  • Laws Don't Discriminate, It's the Poverty Level

    Drug laws don't discriminate against minorities and women. The difficulty is that minorities and women have higher poverty rates and therefore are more likely to fall into the trap of illegal drugs like meth. Constant illegal drug use destroys lives--minorities in poor families and single mothers with no help at home often turn to drugs and drug trafficking as a way to make money or forget about their lives. The laws themselves don't discriminate, it's just that people's circumstances are such that women and minorities are affected the most.

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