Do current psychiatric hospitals do more harm than good?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Nothing actually changes, People are just confined for show

    The brain is a complex thing affected by our environment, Relationships, And actions. It's not just a simple system of input-output chemicals the way that psychiatry paints it. That oversimplification leads to expensive facilities that are little more than holding cells built to placate others who have concerns about the individuals within them. No one who goes into a mental hospital comes out feeling empowered and ready to take on their issues - rather, They feel shamed and humiliated into hiding them. Any 'improvements' are just the 'patients' getting better at denial. Look at how these places work - locked doors, Forced medications prescribed after meeting with doctors for sometimes less than five minutes (not nearly enough to evaluate a person's entire psychological situation and determine a truly wise course of action), Lax supervision, Excessive focus on control and restraint (coming from outdated theories that concern themselves with managing behavior rather than effecting change in the patterns of thoughts and emotions), And constantly changing staff (many of whom are unqualified and barely trained at best in interacting with people in dire mental straits, And so end up reacting to people out of anger rather than attempting to diffuse the situation). The end result is a place where you're told you're being helped, But none of the things anyone is doing are actually helpful. You get no personalized attention, And you have no input on what happens to you - despite being the best qualified person to attest to your own experiences, In your own mind! You're basically told, Always by implication and often by words as well, That you're here because you're unable to take care of yourself, And when you leave, You'll be able to take care of yourself. Except no one is actually helping you learn, So the stay becomes a race to fake improvement to get yourself out of that awful place. 'Patients' are fully aware that if you go to all the groups, Take your medication no matter how it makes you feel, And pretend to be happy, They'll let you out early. Just like getting early release from prison on good behavior. Psychiatric 'hospitals' function like prisons, But refuse to admit it. They insist their methods of control and smokescreen are making dangerous individuals into safe ones, Broken people into healthy people, But their track records of leaving people at best no better, And at worst worse, Than they were when they started (and now with a hefty bill to pay), Say otherwise. Their methods are outdated and good for nothing but easing the consciences of the self-congratulating ignorant, Including themselves. Meanwhile, Those who have been victimized by such awful facilities walk out scarred, Cynical, Distrusting, And at times massively traumatized. Mental hospitals have to go. We as a society need massive change in the way we think about emotions in regards to behavior, Trauma, And overall mental wellness, Not to keep sanitizing psychological abuse as medical care.

  • Psychiatry is corrupted from within, And thats coming from getting a degree in it.

    As someone who has studied/majored in Psychology and has been in a psych ward involuntarily because i opened up to my psychiatrist. . . Yes. There is no doubt that they are a help to some, But they are generally not the best place to be. Everything is heavily monitored, The people give you a runaround when you want to contact the outside world/lawyers/family and they do so as well to people wanting to help from the outside; you are surrounded by people that are crazy and they could be yelling/singing distortedly/freaking out/etc. The fact that they can electro shock you or restrain you if you don't listen is terrible, And i am not talking about people who could be a danger to themselves, But it feels like almost a threat. The people in there do not care about you and do not take you seriously because they think you are crazy, And you barely get any privacy. It is just their job and they rather not have much liability on them, And thats how i honestly felt. The place i went to even had ID wristbands that are electronic and to them you are nothing but a number. Too many psych wards treat their patients as animals, And theres even doubt in the psychological field of study because many of the research is funded by Big Pharma. There are also restrictions of rights and other insurance issues or even your permanent record being affected if you were wrongfully committed. There needs to be huge reform, And psychiatry is only in its infant stages. . .

    Https://www. Psychologytoday. Com/us/blog/the-roving-psychologist/201109/has-psychiatry-been-corrupted-beyond-repair

  • Yes They Do

    1) Doctors Overprescribe Drugs With Harmful & Deadly Side Effect To Psychiatric Patients. 2) They Think They Need 6 Or More Medical Staff Members To Restrain A Child. 3) Most People Are Wrongfully Committed Into Medical Hospitals. 4) All Mental Hospitals Are Designed To Make Patients Go More Insane. 5) The Staff Only Care About Money. 6) The Staff Don't Care To The Patients Or Their Family Members.

  • I've never been to a mental hospital, but...

    I know someone who has been in one. Two people, actually. No, make that three. They all said the same thing - mental hospitals are not good. I don't know why that is exactly, but that's all the evidence I have for my position in this debate. Yes yes yez.

  • Doctors leave people on medication that doesn't actually help.

    I have watched my mother suffer with various issues for nearly all of her adult life.
    She gets ill then she gets sectioned and put it hospital. They do nothing for her in hospital apart from pump her full of the medications which have now led to her having multiple problems with her health.
    Which only adds to her existing mental health illness. The Doctors have pretty much 3 or 4 key diagnoses for anyone that goes into hospital. The nurses and doctors think they know everything about everyone that walks through their doors.
    They are so convinced their methods are always right they never reflect on their practice and change to improve and make things a more person centred approach.
    Mental health is outdated and linear which is why the majority of people don't get the long term help they need.
    I have watched this process as a child, a teenager and now as an adult. Nothing has changed. Stop blaming funding it has always been a service that is outdated.
    People are more complex and each one of us is an individual.
    A high dosage of meds might make someone functional but it does nothing to help them in the long term.

  • Doctors are overprescribing too many psycho meds.

    After my husband was diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer's and given Alzheimer's meds which all caused bad side effects.....Fainting, seizures, confusion, thrashing and finally hallucinations with physical aggression, he was admitted to a hospital and nursing facility for 3 months and given so much psycho meds which advanced his cognition decline. He is now in the best VA facility but came in with tons of psycho meds and are decreasing his meds which were given at a psycho hospital which have caused Parkinsonism, edema, rapid cognition decline, etc. He now is just existing as there is no quality of life. Doctors need to stop over-medicating and try non-medicine approaches first. At most, introduce one med at a time to check out reactions. Hospital doctors should follow up with patients they medicated after being released from the hospital to realize what damage they have caused. I trust Pharmacists more with meds than doctors and feel doctors should consult more with Pharmacists.

  • They helped me get my life together.

    I honestly have no idea which psych ward to people has been sent, but my experience was life-changing. I'm suffering from PTSD, GAD, MDD, and ADHD. The doctors helped me get back on my life after my suicide attempt. They're plans and treatments are helping me and the other 5 friends I made at the hospital. It all depends on where you go. I own them my life.

  • Hospitals help people

    It is a very odd idea that Hospitals with Doctors sworn under the hypocratic oath do mere harm than good.
    Are you suggesting that psychiatric patients are better off going untreated?
    Psychiatric patients are far more a risk to themselves than the public and if left untreated are likely to hurt themselves, to suggest we should leave people untreated sounds an awful lot like backdoor eugenics or a major lack of understanding.

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PhDMan says2014-01-20T20:32:47.097
Again, another yes or no answer question. There needs to be a center choice of "it depends". I have worked at psychiatric hospitals and different ones will have different effects. Poorly managed psychiatric hospitals can do harm just as much as a highly maintained one. Factors that need to be considered is a) how educated are the employees b) the types of milieus in the hospital c) professionalism of the staff d) clinical approach hospital fosters etc. The list is long and diverse. A person who does not need to be in a psychiatric hospital may be assigned treatment by the courts and in reality it can do more harm. On the other hand a person may be unstable and require medication adjustment, would more than likely benefit from the psychiatric hospital. It is not a simple yes or no answer.