• No, they do not.

    No, I do not think custody cases always keep the best interests of the child in mind. A lot of times, the person with the best lawyers gets control of the children, even though they are not the parent best suited for keeping the children. Or, the woman is automatically granted custody.

  • No. I know from experience

    When my dad finally won full custody over me I was never asked by anyone if I wanted to live with him. Let alone did they care. Even though I was in an uncontrollable environment with my mom (drug abuse), I was at least happy. Her boyfriend and her always made sure I was always happy and laughing. I haven't been the same without them

  • They never focus on the child

    I feel like they start out caring about the child but then they get away from it and it just becomes about power and winning against the other. The child usually has very little say in the matter and it comes down to which ever parent looks good in front of the judge for the very little time that they are introduced.

  • No, child custody cases don't always keep the best interests of a child in mind.

    I think that sometimes when it comes to child custody cases, the best interests of the child isn't always the main goal. A lot of child custody cases usually deal with a lot of politics and biases. In a lot of cases, it seems that the mother of a child will always have more rights than the father.

  • No, but they should

    The custody of a child is going to play a major role in their growth and development, but the sad reality is that the child is not always cared for. Sometimes it is the best lawyer that determines who wins in front of the judge, or other factors distract from the real focus of protecting the child.

  • It is woman's court.

    No, custody cases do not always keep the best interest of the child in mind, because custody court is a woman's court first. By presumption, the man is a deadbeat, and the woman is the Virgin Mary. The children have no chance if it is the mother who is hurting the kids, because the Mom wins no matter what.

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