• America Tries To

    If you were to ask American's if you feel their country strives for equality most would probably answer yes. I believe our democracy tries, but that's not to say that all do and even America has some serious issues with equality. One of them would be the severe withholding of equality for people who identify as homosexual and another being the huge income gaps we are experiencing.

  • Yes, Democratic societies strive for equality.

    I find that the general goal in a Democratic society is to strive for equality. More and more I find Democratic politicians trying to force the American people to become more on an even level with each other in regards to income and benefits. This is why I believe a Democratic society strives for equality.

  • Yes, they cannot ensure outcomes.

    Yes, democratic societies strive for equality, because democratic societies are the most likely to allow people to do what they want to do with their lives. A truly free society cannot equalize outcomes, because then the people are not free to make their own choices. But democratic societies allow equality because they allow freedom of choice.

  • It Depends On The People

    I believe democracies can vary depending on the population and equality is only the product of it, if the majority of people in the country are honest and fair. When things are unbalance, democracies can easily be taken over by people who don't care about equality. This is usually caused by greed and when this goes unchecked for long amounts of time, it usually leads to bigger problems.

  • Democratic societies should strive for equality.

    Democratic societies should strive for equality because it is the democratic way. In a system where the people have the power, everyone should be treated in the same way. Most democratic societies have indeed had civil rights movements which end up granting more rights to people who had previously been treated unfairly.

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