Do democrats care more about education than republicans?

Asked by: MistyBlue
  • Not exactly, but they are doing more.

    It is completely unfair to say that the democratic party cares more for education than the republican party. Children are the future of our country and I do believe both parties have realized and agree to that statement; therefore, both parties want to educate our children. However, as of today, the democratic party in the United States is doing more to help with and promote schooling. They are the ones purposing and passing more bills on education and working towards the greater good for our children. This is why I voted yes, not because I think they care more.

  • OMG Yes !

    Many GOP still want creationism taught in schools, and they are typically the first to role back funding for schools in their role as deficit hawks. And, when you take 40 votes on Obamacare but fail to address jobs, immigration, education, or any other major issue, it shows how screwed up your priorities are.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • Yes, In Part ...

    Both parties care about education. The difference is how. Democrats want a good education for everyone. Republicans know an education is important, but they view it as an "investment". They certainly invest in the education of their own, but if the public can't afford to do the same ... They don't lose sleep over it.

    Education cuts concern Dems as well as cuts to scholarships & grants. They realize the effect it has on Middle Class & Low-income families. Many Republicans are privately educating their own children ... The quality of "Public Education" isn't a big deal for them. This is why they have no problem slashing the Education budget. It is also why they don't understand the true need for scholarships & grants, as a whole. If the playing-field is lop-sided in their favor, they just don't feel guilty.

    This question should ask: Which political party cares the most about educating our youth, regardless of their socio-economic status? The Dems would win that, easily!

  • Yes of course.

    Yes Democrats I believe spend money on helping people schools businesses social security and other issues to make things affordable for the people. That to me and many other situations and other people and family members have also agreed. Lately people have noticed a lot better situations than before when there was Republicans.

  • No they do not.

    It is a logical fallacy to say that one party is better or worse than the other. Both have good and bad. Um, I am having trouble coming up with words to fill this space. I was denied an education for being disabled on Democratic Washington State, so please do not tell me that Democrats do it better.

  • Not really no

    It was Bush who signed No Child left Behind.
    They are both flawed though. We need to get the government out of education and bring it down to the state level. We need more school choice. Vouchers would solve the poor people problem. School choice directly benefits the poor. The government has decreased the quality of education.

  • No; they only pretend like they are

    If they cared about educating children they would support school choice...However, if I live in a school district with a horrible school I am forced to go there because the teachers union, who Dems really support, paid Obama in the neighborhood of $100,000,000...Dems are good for nothing except brainwashing and lying.

  • Democrats are good for nothing.

    Democrats are a big show off and that is proven in first and second term of president Obama. They are increasing burden on state budget, doing nothing. I don't believe now any one trusts what President Obama says. Every thing that he said right from insurance, to immigration, to education are are proved to be false.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T20:29:40.250
Conservatives tend to value personal and individual education based on accumulated knowledge within the private sphere and liberals tend to value collective social education available to everyone. It is much less a case for which faction cares about or values education more, both care about educating the next generation. The issue is more about about access to the information and resources through a private or public intermediary, and the source of funding for the intermediary and the resources.