Do Democrats follow the Bible more closely when it comes to humanities and social issues?

Asked by: JRM
  • Jesus is all about social issues!

    It is disheartening to hear Christian brothers and sisters talk so hateful, spiteful and judgmental about our president, welfare recipients and the common good for all people. All the major issues that have come up in the past decade are showing the true hearts of many. Many Christians and Christian clergy twist what is written in the Holy Bible to fit their political party (conservative republicans). The president promised change! Change is hard for all people! The issues: The president and taxes- Romans 13:1-7, Abortion-choices-free will, Gay/lesbians-judging Matthew 7:1, guns-murder - Exodus 20:13, healthcare-helping people, the poor- greed Luke 12:33, Gods creation- environment- recycling, stockmarket, storing up treasures on earth-Matthew 19:21/ Matthew 6:19, Banks- Ezekiel 18-8. The list goes on... I pray that all people find truth and realize we are all sinners saved by grace. I truly feel Democrats follow the Bible more closely when it comes to all issues!

    Posted by: JRM
  • Yes democrats follow the bible more closely

    If we look at Exodus 21:22 we can see clearly that the bible approves of legal abortion. But more importantly, Leviticus 25:23-24 seems to clearly argue for the redistribution of resources in society. This seems similar to the policies endorsed by the Democratic Party. While the old testament clearly condemns homosexuals, no New Testament text clearly establish it as a sin, although there is some reference to it as an unfortunate state. I suppose the Republican party would ban porcine meat as well?

  • Yes, Democrats follow the Bible more closely when it comes to social issues.

    Yes, I think that Democrats follow the Bible more closely when it comes to humanities and social issues. Democrats favor the poor and are all for "blue collar" workers and providing aid to people who need it: people who want to be part of the middle class. Republicans seem to have a greater interest in protecting their own wealth over all else.

  • It's a matter of greed.

    The Democrats do not follow the Bible but the greed within their own hearts. If we must reference Democrats and the Bible, one could argue that Barack Obama is the anti-christ. According to Revelations, the anti-christ will have his followers carry the mark of the beast. This just so happens to correlate with the chip that will be implanted in Obamacare. The implant would be located on the hand and will not only be linked with all of your financial data but will also act as a GPS device. Those who are unfamiliar with end times prophesy should read about the mark of the anti-christ and see just how close this Obamacare implant is to it.

  • Most Democrats seem to abhor the Bible and any argument that they follow it is hollow and empty

    Most Democrats, starting with Barack Obama don't seem to take the Bible seriously. There are videos out there where Obama was making fun of verse after verse as absurd and incomprehensible. More to the point though, it is never argued in the Bible to take money from people by force to redistribute it. Instead people are to give freely and of their own heart. This in fact reflects reality because Republicans tend to donate much more money to causes then Democrats do. With regards to civil liberties, it can be argued that Democrats spend more time attacking them then upholding them. The liberties of the second amendment are one good example as well as their attempts to constantly create legislation to protect people from themselves like the Soda Ban.

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