• You need a strong guiding hand early on.

    I had to take a minute to think about this one. I gotta say, I was surprised that, after reflection, my answer is that a dictatorship is what countries like that need the most. When you are developing a nation, the democratic process doesn't lend itself to expediency. You need a cult of personality, a strong guiding hand. The only problem I can see is, how do you keep such a person from becoming corrupt?

  • Developing nations do not need strong dictatorship

    It is my opinion that developing nations do not need strong dictatorship. I feel that if some form of democracy were established in such nations, then the people would be able to effectively employ representatives in the government to look after their basic needs as a nation. There would be a clear path to the nation's goals overall.

  • No, nations develop stronger with fundamental core vaules.

    Nations starting out need a set of fundamental core values that will guide them into a democracy so that they can have things like voting rights, human rights and economic freedom. Most nations that invest in the time to remove there dictatorships and embrace democracy have shown that they gain a better quality of life, and experience more freedom.

  • No, they need democracy to give them hope

    Developing nations need strong democracy, not dictatorship,
    so every citizen can feel that he or she has a voice in the country’s governance.
    When people feel that they have a say in the politics of their nation, they are
    more likely to contribute to its economy and cooperate with its laws. Dictators
    make their allies powerful, but they take power from the ordinary people. Powerless
    people lose hope, and with it their drive to improve their lives and their
    country’s future.

  • No, developing nations do not need strong dicatorship.

    I do not believe that developing nations need strong dictatorship. I think that developing nations need to have a strong sense of Democratic ideas and principles to help them develop into a beneficial country to the world. I think a dictatorship will only hurt and corrupt such a nation that is in the process of joining the internaitonal world.

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