• Yes They Do

    I believe disabled people truly have equal rights in America. While they may come upon some different obstacles throughout life that are unique to their disability, I don't feel they impede on their rights. I believe people with disabilities in the United States get just as many chances at success as the rest of us and many of them get benefits from Social Security.

  • Laws are there for a reason

    The laws clearly outline that a person or company can not treat a disabled person different than an able bodied person. Although these people with disabilities have equal rights they may not be able to obtain similar work to that of a person without disabilities. This being said their must be an emphasis to make sure that the limitations of that person are clearly laid out as to avoid disappointment by trying to obtain employment or activities that they are physically unable to accomplish.

  • Disabled people truly have equal rights in America.

    Disabled people truly have equal rights in America. I think that disabled people are given the same rights and can do the same things in America that anyone else can do. I think that the people that are saying that they do not have equal rights are not getting out and seeing what the world has to offer.

  • The best of everything.

    Yes, disabled people truly have equal rights in America, because there are so many provisions that are made for them. A disabled person gets a check each month from the rest of us. This is not just the same as the rest of us, they get better than we do. We all have to bend over backwards to make them happy.

  • Yes, disabled people have equal rights in America.

    I do think that disabled people in America have equal rights. While they may have some limitations in regards to what they can do, they do seem to have the same rights as everybody else in the United States of America. I just think that their limitations are not a sign of equality.

  • No they don't

    Look it up everyone. If you look up the cases and things like that you will see what I am talking about. Yes they get some rights. My disabled cousin does not receive all of his rights as everyone else in America do. I do agree that some people do but not everyone does.

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