• Completely unfair. Men beware marriage

    My mother was cheating on my father with one of his friends and then during an argument afterwards she attacked him. He blocked some her blows with his arms. She got some bruises on her wrists and arms from attacking him and took pictures of them to court and to show she was being “abused” she. The house was sold and she got a million dollars plus 3 years alimony+ child support. Total joke

  • Yes it's obvious to anyone

    Been a family law activist for 10 years, It's mind boggling how bigoted the family court judges are, And they operate without any oversight. There are no appeals if the judge doesnt allow it and the judicial oversight committees are a joke. Women always get a sweet deal in court because the whole family law industry is run by man hating feminists, Men don't really like to work in the family law industry, It's distasteful to them. Watch DivorceCorp and read www. RealWorldDivorce. Com before getting married if you are a man

  • Without a doubt it favors women

    Married 8 years with 1 child. She leaves the home to pursue another man while I win all the financial burden. Assets 60% to her. Alimony for 2 years plus child support costing me 45% of my net pay. She has an MBA and decided not to go back to work. She can easily make 70-80K but the court put her at $30000 earnings capacity. No common sense anymore in the legal system.

  • Just look at the Courts

    Judges have an opinion about everything. They legislate from the bench. You can barely get a word in during trial, but the ex-wife will get to read her whole book of lies. The Sheriff's deputies will hand her tissue's and stare you down. It's a disgusting Pantomine of "Justice" where Attorney's and Judges dance around in a a circle you know is not going to end up anywhere near equitable. The whole "marriage" game is a cash cow for the courts and lawyers and the women they shovel in one end marrying them and harvest at the other divorcing them. It's a sick, sick joke and nightmare.

  • Without a doubt

    I lost everything because she wanted out. She lied made allegations had free lawyers my proof was not allowed as evidence,Her lies and no proof was admitted as fact. My kids were brainwashed by her lies and went from "we love you daddy " months later "we hate you never come near us again" she got the house for free my child support so high it pays her mortgage and car payment. I barley have money for food, I got stuck with all the "marriage debt" I was told it debt made together thus shared yet I was told i had to take it ALL Including a loan that She sighed a 50/50% payback on but I was forced to pay 100% on that too...I got the debts,the lawyer fees,forced from my home accused of abuse lost my kids and she stole my pre marriage property hid it then said she don't have it. Ignores ALL court orders not penalty what so ever. Women can Lie,cheat,steal ignore the court order and with a few tears the court will giver her ANYTHING.

  • I lived the nightmare as a kid

    My mother committed perjury multiple times, all of which were not only ignored in terms of penalties, but even upheld by the court as fact. She had a restraining order against my father claiming he tried to kidnap my brother and I and threatened to kill her while doing it. At the time he supposedly did this, he was in the ICU recovering from emergency surgery. The judge refused to allow his hospital records into evidence and my father was separated from my brother & I for nearly a year. That was the first of many, many lies she told, which the judge allowed while ignoring all proof my father brought into the court. He had to pay her child support of 50% of his income. He had to pay in full both mortgages on the house, but when it was paid off, the house was transferred fully into her name. When weekend visitations were allowed with my father, she refused to let us go. The police came, read the order, and arrested my father on 'attempted kidnapping'. The charges were thrown out in court, but the judge overseeing the divorce reversed the weekend visitation on the basis that my father was arrested for trying to kidnap us by taking us for his allowed visitation. Does any of that make sense? No, no it does not. The court was completely biased against my mother, who was not even a US citizen! I will mention she was highly abusive to us kids, but any attempt to bring proof of abuse into court was also refused by the judge 'because no mother would intentionally hurt her own children'. The court system is horrifically biased and broken in favoring women over men in divorces. I'm not divorced, but I lived through 13 years of divorce hell until I was old enough to get out of my mother's house, thanks to courts. The one time I ran into that judge as an adult he tried to strike up a conversation about how great my mother was. I let him have it both barrels with a tirade about the injustice he served. He told me I was a moron who didn't know how good I had it. Apparently the burn scars where my mother put out cigarettes on my body were 'all my father's fault for distressing her' during the divorce. That's what the court system in the US thinks justice in divorce is about. Broken system, period.

  • Yes by a big margin

    Woman can commit perjury with no consequences whatsoever. A total blind eye turned to it. They can withhold children from visitation with hardly any serious punishment for contempt. Let a man just be late with one payment, A fair amount of females with the "get back at you" and " I show you" attitude, will send mostly loving and caring men almost directly into serious trouble with the law and/or imprisonment. No imprisonment for women for contempt of court by withholding children from their visitation rights. Highly gender based. Men have to share everything, whereas woman hardly have to share as "they earned it the hard way". Don't our men also earn our possessions by hard work? Yet we have to share everything.
    A woman is considered innocent until proven guilty.
    A men is considered as guilty until proven innocent

  • My own experience

    I was the custodial parent, but my ex wife received 90% of the “equitable” distribution and almost 50% of my net income as alimony. The court declared that our debt was too much for them to consider because it would have a “draconian” impact on my ex wife’s award. Child support wasn’t even considered even though her income was several times my income. The best interest of the child only applies if it benefits the mother, otherwise the best interest of the woman is the more important consideration for the court.

  • They push for "Gender Equality" but only use it when its convenient?

    If gender equality is true why aren't their any real cases of women paying men?Is it because maybe women feel once they are married they can get a basically free welfare service.They get the children they get everything from the mans pocket.I dont see how this could be called "Fair"

  • Marriage is a 1-way contract

    When a husband is a good, supportive husband by taking care of the finances, but she becomes unhappy and leaves, breaking the marital contract of her choice and not because of any other justifiable reason, a 50/50 split is fair. What is not fair is the overreaching support payments that, beyond a fair 50/50 split (which would leave her with plenty of assets to support her transition to work), force him to continue to 100% support her for a between a decade to forever. Divorce rate is so high in part because the act of divorce is an intelligent financial decision for any married person who is being supported (most often the woman) and there are no negative financial consequences (only entitlements), to breaking the marital contract if you are the lower income earner of a marriage. No children in this scenario. No abuse.

  • No they don't, look at America's divorced women with children.

    You can say it is unfair but it is still women who come out on the short end of the stick in divorce most of the time. If there are children, the woman shoulders most of the child rearing responsibilities, most of the time. How many dad's skip out on child support, enough said there. When there are no children and no assets it probably favors nobody, everybody walks away with nothing gained and nothing lost. I have a friend who is female who just got divorced. She worked hard, furthered her business education and now makes a lot of money. The exhusband? He took her to court for alimony and won. That was unfair. She divorced him because he wouldn't go to work.

  • Divorces do not favor either party.

    In my opinion divorces do not favor either party. The mediators sit down with both parties and work out an amicable settlement. If one cannot be achieved at a st down, the judge hands down an order. In most cases if children are involved and the mother is the custodial parent, she usually gets more but it is for the sake fo the kids.

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