• To much drugs

    I have an adult daughter who has an 8 year old son. Children and family are involved. My daughter is taking to much of the drugs and dcf just keeps telling my daughter to take them as prescribed, They are killing her. Does anyone know how and who I can get in touch with to help my daughter and get after these (LEGAL) Dr's that are killing our children PLEASE HELP!

  • Yes and not good and way too many dangerous drugs

    All doctors should be investigated and see how many medications be prescribed to each patients..And how many patients that are on medicare and medicaid the doctors taking advantage of them..Some patients takes way too many medications in 1 day like 3 different kinds of blood pressure medicine and 3 different inhalers and 1 help to sleep at night trazodone which shouldn't be used and gabapentin for pain..Doctors should be watched in Georgia

  • They killed my girl

    The wannabe doctors took a perfectly healthy girl with a small tumor in her leg and killed her in 17 months.These quacks wanted chemo and radiation and countless medications. They would not do the simple surgery that would have saved her life. The chemo made her sicker than a dog and spread the cancer like miracle grow. Even then they wouldn't operate. They put her threw the radiation that cooked her right kidney in her. We couldn't get a single quack to remove it. Worried about spreading the cancer. They spread it, relieve her pain with pills and not do anything. Pills for the chemo sickness,pills for the pain,pills for her stomach, pills for the effect of the pills. The more research i do on cancer, the bigger of a fraud i can see the ama as. There are alot of things that the "m" in ama stand for and none of them are medical. They won't dare come at or say anything to me because i have all the reports to back this up. There should be malpractice suits on 3 of them i can name.

  • The wrong teachings

    I agree that doctors prescribe too many medications. With the advancement in technology, we are so heavily dependent on what could give us the easy way out. Though it may not be their fault entirely, because they are taught to help a patient as quick as they can. With so many people relying on a doctor to help them with every wrong thing on their body, they can not spend as much time on a patient as needed. Many medications actually make things worse (such as medicines or treatments for cancer)
    Everyone should learn about the foods we eat and how they help or hurt our body. Instead of trying to make a quick buck selling burgers to everyone (don't get me wrong i love burgers) we should try and find a way to end the suffering of others. Gain back a sense of humanity that is hidden in all of us. No matter how much we kick and scream, saying we are more humane than "that guy", we all are at fault and are just not the same as we used to be. Just something to think about.
    (In no way am I excluding myself in this statement)

  • Yes, It Is A Professional Racket

    A lot of doctors prescribe too much medication as part of the kickbacks and perks they get from drug company representatives. A lot of these doctors need to pay closer attention to what their patients actually need. Plus, reform is needed to keep drug company representatives from skewering the healthcare system for profit.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Medication is the easy way out.

    Although I am not a person who has ever taken or wanted to take medication, I believe that doctors prescribe too much medication because it is an "easy and quick fix" to get people out the door and hopefully feeling better. I believe that if doctors had more time to learn about a person's entire background, people would leave with better methods of treatment, feeling better, less medication, and less side effects from medication.

  • In Some Cases, Yes

    Doctors do prescribe too much medicine in some cases, particularly in cases of relatively minor mental health problems. Doctors are too quick to pull out their prescription pads when it comes to issues like childhood ADD and hyperactivity. They are also too quick to give out pills for things like anxiety and depression where talk therapy might be a better treatment.

  • Doctor's have a duty to provide medication to patients that need it.

    I don't think doctor's prescribe "too much" medication. Firstly, the idea of "too much" of something is completely subjective. To one person, "too much" may be X amount, and to another person, it may be Y amount.

    Secondly, it is the job of the doctor to accurately determine if their patient requires this medication, and if they cannot correctly determine if a certain medication is the correct course of treatment, then that's the doctor's issue and shouldn't be generalized to the entire medical field.

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Quan says2013-06-13T19:11:00.450
It's one of those things where you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. They either prescribe unnecessary, harmless medication or ignorant patients accuse them of being incompetent or negligent.