• Yes

    I do believe that dogs have morals. They have impeccable instincts on what is right and wrong. For example, many dogs have been known to chase off or attack intruders of home invasions because they knew that that person didn't belong there, hence that person was 'wrong'. They know that when they do something that they weren't supposed to, like peeing inside, tearing things up, etc., that it was wrong and will try to hide. not because they know they will be punished, but because they know it was wrong. Dogs are more intelligent than they are given credit for.

  • Dogs Have Morals

    I believe that dogs have morals. They are intelligent animals and know more than some people think. Dogs know right from wrong and have great instincts that can tell them what is the best thing to do in particular situations. You can tell by the actions of dogs that they have morals.

  • Yes, as a dog owner I believe it

    I think dogs are more intelligent then we give them credit for. Our dog understands the differences between right and wrong. A good example is if we leave for too long and nature calls, when he comes to greet us you can tell he did something he knows is not right because he hangs his head.

  • Do hogs have morals? NO

    I am a dog owner; when I return home and my dog had been down the bin he gives me a 'guilty' look, this look is not guilt because of his actions, his actions to him are natural, this is the look on a dog's face that expects reprimanding because of his behaviour, he has learnt to expect a telling off, not that the action is wrong.

  • No, they are animals.

    Morality and abstract thought are what separates man from animal. Dogs cannot have morals because they do not have the mental capacity to recognize right from wrong. They learn this through their actions because we as humans dictate what is right and wrong and then reward or punish dogs for their actions. While they may respond to this, it does not imply that they are moral, but rather remember patterns.

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