• I think that riley is the best!

    I live at home with my mother and my two sisters and we have a cat, dog and a panda called Riley. I love all of are pets because they are all very play full but if i had chose which is a better companion then i waold say that cats are the worst companions and the dogs and then riley. Thank you you gay homo faggot and have a happy new dick you dick

  • I believe that DOGS are in many ways better companions than CATS

    My name is Danny and i am 11! I have one dog and she's the best companion i know. I have learned (from having not only a dog, but also a cat) that DOGS are more playful. They always like playing fetch, taking walks, or just following you around. They are very loyal to you as well, and they'll bark if there is danger. Cats usually run from you and hide. Otherwise they eat or sleep. They are a little playful, but not as much. Dogs are always their for you when you need comfort. They are also a great helping hand! If you are blind, they can be your set of eyes, or they can be a comfort animal. That is why I think DOGS are better than Cats

  • They are better lifelong companions

    The only things cats do is sleep and eat like big fat animals, so if you're planning to get a pet, DO NOT get a cat, or else your life will be miserable . G O O D L U C K ! Have the worst day and life of your life!

  • Cats are boring

    Dogs are way more loving and supporting then a cat. Cats run away dogs sit in your lap and help you. My dog is the best thing that ever happened to me. Pedro is a lap dog. He is a Chihuahua. One of my good friends has a cat and it always runs away.

  • Dogs are way better

    They could be your house guard, they can also help you keep fit bu sometimes wanting you to take them out on a walk which will ,believe me, be a good change for your lazy body. They are also very loyal to their owners while cats are, well, not THAT very loyal. And one important thing is that dogs don't leave fur balls everywhere.

  • Dog better than cat

    The fact I can get it right away with a lot huh my phone and it is not an easy way to go back and I don't think that is not to get I don't have think that about you there but you it would mean the world is full range and I don't have to a lot more than to have been

  • Dogs are better companions than cats

    Dogs make better companions than cats because dogs encourage their owner to take them on walks to the park, which gives both the dog and owner exercise, and also because cats are lazy and lye around all day. Dogs are way more active and love to go on walks, and also because dogs can use their sixth sense of smell to help save people’s lives, with situations like if someone is having a heart attack.

    Dogs make better companions than cats because dogs encourage their owners to take them on walks to the park which gives both the owner and the dog exercise, where as cats like to lye around and sleep a lot through the day. Cats owners are more likely to be indoor, lazy and unenergetic people. I mean, seriously, If I had a cat I would die of boredom, wouldn’t you guys?! A separate 5-year-study of nearly 2,000 people in Perth, Australia, noted that “dog walking has the potential to increase physical activity in a large proportion of the community.”

    Another point about why dogs make a better companion than cats is because dogs are able to sense if someone is having a seizure or a heart attack. They are also able to track down missing people, find criminals and sniff out bombs with their sixth sense, and dogs can even help blind people cross roads. What if you were a blind person and you happened to be crossing a road one day and you got ran over? If a dog had been nearby you when this happened, they would run over and bark where as a cat would be sitting on a brick wall not far away licking itself and would pause its licking and just think “Oh that lady over there is about to be ran over she should watch where she’s going” and return to licking itself. That poor, poor old purblind lady.

    In Conclusion, dogs make a better companion than cats because dogs help keep both themselves and the owner healthy and help save precious lives. Dogs are active, brave and fearless animals whilst cats are lazy, unreliable and independent felines who just feel like lying around all day and don’t like baths.

  • Dogs Are Always going to beat cat

    DOGS are awesome amazing better better better better better the best best best best best best best best best cats are big rats so dogs they are always going to win dogs a cute their whole life. : ) :) :) :) :) :) :) they are totally idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Because yeah so yeah

    Because yes yes yas yaas yas yaaas yaaas yas yes yes yes yes because so yeah yes that is my argument so deal withd it so ya and yaaaaaaaaaaaaas because yas and yes so yeah because yeah i dint care so ya and yaaaaaaaaaaaassssss yesyes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Dogs are better

    Dogs are very loyal to you as long as you treat them well when they were puppies. They can become your very own guard dog. They can also sniff dangers. The police dogs can sniff out bombs, drugs or more. They are also social animals and they will work together with you.

  • Cats are gentle and appreciate affection when it is done at the right time.

    I am 15 and have no pets whatsoever, despite that, I have a general liking to both, i have met many pets, and their owners! And i have decided that cats are neat: they are easily trained to use the litter box. Cats are graceful: ever had a dog with no leash causing havoc in your home?Though most shed hair, believe it or not, there are a vast variety of dogs with the same habit. And lastly, cats do not bark. I used to live in a neighborhood in Texas, and had to go to sleep to the sound of dogs barking their lungs out. So if your old and easy going, i encourage the companionship of a cat anytime!

  • Dogs and cats make good companions for different types of people.

    Dogs are very social animals. Also, since they must be frequently walked and played with, they make great companions for active people. Cats are not social animals nor do they require a lot of care, which makes them ideal companions for those who are not as active or for those who prefer a low profile pet.

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