• Dogs are better than cats.

    Dogs are better as a pet because they get you outside running. Also they can play fetch and you can give them demands. Have you seen a cat play fetch. Dogs can protect you. They lower you blood pressure. Cats just sit down in your lap and purr. Dogs shake your hand and roll over

  • Dogs Are Fun

    Dogs can go on walks and play fetch cats can't I have never seen a cat go on a walk or play fetch.Plus have your ever seen a cat sit on command I never have.So I think dogs are a loootttt better and so yeah and yeah and yeah so

  • I Prefer Dogs

    I like both cats and dogs and I've had both as pets, but I would say I prefer dogs more than cats. I believe dogs display more intelligence and can interact more with humans in a meaningful way. Cats tend to be more independent and don't interact with their owners as much.

  • Dogs are more alert

    Dogs are better as a pet they will get you outside to exercise, to moving, they can lower your blood pressure. They can protect a person when you are in danger. They will die for their owners. A cat will not do anything but sit on your lap and purr. Which is fine but you need protection.

  • The cat lady

    Maybe for some people. There are so many reasons why cats are better, Though. They are independent and low maintenance. They don't smell bad and they don't make the house smell bad. Whenever I walk into someone's house where there is a dog, I smell it immediately. Cats are very affectionate without infringing on your personal space. They live longer. They don't hurt your ears with their barking. They are just the best creatures on earth.

  • Nyan cat is cool

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  • No, they are equal but different.

    Dogs and cats play different roles in the animal world but also in the lives of the humans they befriend. Those people who like a constant companion who follows them around and goes everywhere with them will think a dog is a better pet, but those people who value intelligence and selective attention will want a cat.

  • Neither is Inherently Better...

    ...However, I personally prefer cats. As a pet, I prefer cats because they can sit in your lap and they also play with you. I also like small dogs for these reasons. Also, I like the way that, instead of being blindly loyal (I know not all dogs are like that) cats usually wait to trust people, and even then it's more of you being theirs, or at least their equal.
    Either way, I want a monkey.

  • Cats are the better pets.

    Dogs are not at all better pets than cats. They depend on humans too much. If I decide to go off for the weekend and I have a dog I have to arrange for a sitter, someone to take it out for walks and bathroom and so on. Cats just need a clean litterbox, a full feeder, and a neighbor to check in once a day to change the water.

  • Cats are easier to take care of.

    Dogs are good pets and can defend you more, but cats are easier to have. Cats make less of a mess and can use a litter box, so there is much less worry about having to clean up after accidents. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to clean if a dog uses the bathroom inside.

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