• According to the bible yes,

    Many cultures worldwide have legends of these creatures. Dinosaur fossils exist who is to say they couldn't have breathed fire. The bible says dragons existed and i think its probably right. Dinosaur bones are shown to have soft tissue still existing in their bones and c14 is show to still exist in dinosaur bones.

  • I have seen a dragon before a claping dragon

    I know I have also seen a doccumentry on it It showed how the dragons catch their food and how the dragons mate and how they take care of the dragons babies if you want to watch the clip its called the last dragon I belive in dragons plus I am a dragon lover and expert

  • Dragons do exist

    Dragons don’t have to breathe fire to be a dragon. There are also a lot of clues to go along with dragons existing. There are “ Dragon mountains” in South Africa, the “ Dragons Triangle” off the coast of Japan, and that humans don’t know everything that happens in the world. I bet you one day, we will find dragons.

  • Dragons do exist

    There are to many clues to say that they do not exist. First of all, the “ Dragons Triangle”, off the coast of Japan, the “ Dragon mountains” in South Africa, and that humans don’t know everything that happens in the world. And how do you explain the HUGE claw marks on trees at my school? Only one option, a dragon.

  • I think that dragons exist.

    The reason dragons exist because if they didn't exist, how would people know about them? Well, that was probably because they found large bones of other animals, but when someone says "dragon", then you know what it is and you see an image of it in your head, and if it didn't exist, the you wouldn't know what it is, therefore, it exists. Plus, anyways the universe is too big to say doesn't exist. Dragons may exist on some other planet that has intelligent life, we just probably don't know what the planet is yet or where it's located.

  • They have to much of an impact to not exist

    Throughout history dragons have been seen everywhere. After starting in europe and asia it spread throughout the entire world. But not as a general story, it changed for where they were. China had vastly different dragons than the america's. It could just be a shift in the story, but for the catholic church to adopt it as well... Not likely.

  • Dragons Do Exist !

    Remains of 2 dragons were found in the Carpathian Mts., Romania. A London scientist from a museum had researched and done an autopsy and found Dragons to me extremely real. In the cave they discovered the remains, human skeletons were too. Scientists have also done an autopsy on the skeletons and found they were scorched, squashed, and scratched to death. It was aired on Discovery Channel 2004

  • Do you honestly believe Humans know everything?

    No, there is as far as we know not any evidence that dragons do or have existed, but neither is there any evidence that says they didn't ever exist, and we don't know every little thing the government and all the scientists know. Also, new species are being found every day.

  • Dragons are totally real!

    Obviously, dragons are found in mythology. There is also historical and also recent discoveries. Thats why i say dragons are definetally real and dragons are found in fairy tales because they are real you guys have it all mixed up. By the way not all dragons breathe fire you know

  • In Mythology, Yes

    Dragons exist in ancient lore and mythology in many cultures, especially China and Japan. After Marco Polo's visits to Asia, the dragon myth spread to Europe. Dragons exist in popular culture, but not in scientific foundations. One rationale for the existence of dragons stems from ancient humans who needed to flee from animals that could eat them--animals with large wings or sharp beaks or scales. It was easier to relate to an animal that had characteristics of all large predators such as tigers, crocodiles and snakes to make it easier to remember what animals to avoid in the wild. Perhaps at one time a dragon really did exist, but a fossil record has yet to be found.

  • The Problem with Dragons...

    In biology most animals with the exception of insects, arachnids and so on, is that they are tetrapods...Or four-limbed. Interestingly, there is a biological trade-off when it comes to wings and legs. Most 'true dragons' unlike their Wyrm cousins are hexapods, consisting of four legs and two wings. The problem is for both birds and mammals, you either have wings and two legs or four limbs of the non-wing variety. There are no exceptions to this rule. Dragons will always be loved, but they will always remain in the only environment they can thrive...Our imaginations.

  • It doesn't exist

    First of all this is what we said with unicorns. Dinosaurs exist because we have seen evidence like fossils and the DNA in the mosquitos that bit them. Do we have evidence that dragons or unicorns exist??? No we dont. No fossils no poop no remains and plus, the people of the old like in 1840 or 1492 would have recorded it in a journal because they didnt have photoshop l

  • They are classed as mythological creatures?!

    Dragons are classed as a mythological creature, so obviously they are not real. No one has ever sighted one, no one has ever seen one, but in pictures, in books. How can they be real if they have never been seen by the human eye? For this reason, I don't believe they are real.

  • Dragons? No Thanks

    Dragons are vertebrates, according to the fantasy they're involved with, that are said to have 4 legs, and 2 wings, and the appendages the dragons are said to have are only in invertebrates, impossible for dragons to possess said abilities. It would take millions of years to have develop abilities.

  • Dragons have never existed.

    If dragons were real, evidence would have been found along with the millions of spectacularly real animals, extinct and extant, that do exist. Why have we found fossils of massive creatures like Mammoths and Sauropods but not the supposedly equally large dragons of myth? On the other hand, Pterosaurs were quite real and just as amazing!

  • No, dragons don't exist.

    While you can read stories about dragons in popular folklore and fairy tales, there is no evidence that dragons exist or have ever existed. While dinosaurs may have been similar in some ways, there has never been a dinosaur that has been known by science to be able to breathe fire.

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