Do dreams help us achieve greater results in reality?

  • Cause it happened to me

    Dreams are always important, sometimes we need to read them in different ways since there are different kind of dreams (metaphorical, shared dreams, lucid dreams, premonitions, reminders, nightmares). Whichever kind of dream it is it helps discover more about ourselves and it gives us clues to what we want or don't want in life, ideas, help, sometimes it helps you connect your mind to your soul, God speaks through the dreams if you let him. Knowing what you want, and where you're heading is always important in life, so yes, if you know these things you can achieve greater results in reality.

  • Yes, they make us aware of our goals.

    Yes, dreams help us achieve greater results in reality, because dreams make us aware of our actual goals. When a person dreams, often they dream of something that they want, but won't actually come out and say. Being aware of true desires allows people to make the brave choice to go after their dreams.

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