Do drones kill fewer civilians than any other military weapon?

  • Consider How Not :Smart" Some Bombs Are

    Excluding guns, think for a moment how much devastation cruise missiles and "smart" weapons have been in Iraq. A lot of innocent civilians have lost their lives because of the weapons accuracy being slightly off. Also, if one looks back to Vietnam and the devastation napalm has wrought. Finally, two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan has caused more devastation than any other weapon in history. All of that seems much worse than a drone strike.

    Posted by: rpr
  • I think guns kill more.

    I think guns do alot more killing than a drone does. There are hundreds of thousands of guns in use right now and many of them do shoot and kill people. Drones aren't used all day , every person does not have one. They are not used as regularly as guns are.

  • Drones kill fewer civilians than any other form of warfare.

    The reason so many civilians are killed is because there is no way for a bomb to tell the difference between a civilian and an enemy. With drones, the military can be much more precise in regard to who they are targeting. Drones allow the user to study a target carefully before taking action against them. This reduces the amount of civilian casualties significantly.

  • Remember us bombing Iraq?

    The drones have been shown to take civilian lives as a cost of war, but mindless bombing under George W. Bush 43 was much more careless. Bomb after bomb was dropped hoping to wipe out Sadam and his men and effectively leveled a large area. Many civilians were hit where as drones tend to be more target specific.

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