• One equals mankind

    If you kill one life it`s as if you kill all of mankind. If you were that innocent person who happened to be near a drone attack, surely you would feel pretty helpless if you had nothing to do with the group. I was brought up believing that nobody ever deserved to die...Suffer? Yes, they should suffer for all the harm the villains caused upon others. But certainly not be killed! If we kill them it makes us just as bad as them be doing the same deed.

  • One civilian death is too much.

    Reports on drone activity in the many proxy wars the U.S. is waging show that lots of civilians are getting killed by these drone strikes. Furthermore, one civilian death is too much. These operations are not worth the human lives that they are destroying. They must come to an end.

  • Yes, they do.

    While I am all for fighting a tough and aggressive war on terror, the fact of the matter is that our reliance on drones and our use of them has resulted in so very many unneeded civilian casualties. It is not worth killing a dozen innocent people to kill one terrorist.

  • No one is innocent. No one is blameless and upright.

    But they don't deserve death, I agree. I think drone strikes are a good idea. They save military lives by taking away the lives of civilians of targeted nations. It's a cruel act, and perhaps even an evil one. But in this day and age, necessary evils are everywhere. We, as a nation, are a necessary evil. Drone strikes are only one tattoo on our arm of "justice".

  • It has to be done.

    War is an ugly business, that's for sure. No one wants to do it, but sometimes it is something that has to be done. Using drones is one aspect of war. While some innocent people often are killed in the process, the end goal is what needs to be focused on.

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