Do earning potentials and the wider variety of opportunities offered from a bachelor's degree justify the cost of tuition?

  • Yes, if the graduate improves their marketable skills.

    The college graduate has much more earning potential than a person with only a high school degree. But, that depends on the graduate majoring in things that improve their marketable skills. A well-thought-out college education can train a person to be a well-paid professional.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • People will be much better off, and have a better chance of getting a job that pays well, when they have a bachelor's degree.

    People with a bachelor's degree, versus people with just a high school diploma, make a lot more money. Not only do they have higher salaries, but they have greater job stability, better job options, and more job satisfaction. A bachelor's degree can open up many more opportunities in the job market, and possibly even lead to higher education. While the cost of tuition does justify the benefits one receives from a college degree, it is still very high, and must be reduced so more people can afford the benefits.

    Posted by: ConsciousNolan82
  • I believe that a bachelor's degree justifies the cost of tuition, based on how much income you can make in the future.

    I believe that a bachelor's degree does justify the cost of tuition. Most high-paying jobs now require a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Within 10 years of working, the tuition will be paid for. You could make a salary from $50,000 per year, to $200,000 per year. This, in itself, is enough to justify the cost of tuition.

    Posted by: GiantDaren64
  • I agree that the benefits of a bachelor's degree justify the cost of tuition.

    I agree that the benefits of a bachelor's degree justify the cost of tuition, because while there are certainly well-paying jobs that require a vocational degree instead, such as plumbing, the number of those jobs is quite limited, and certainly the scope of those positions is very small. However, having a bachelor's degree in a field related to your future career makes a higher earning potential much more likely.

    Posted by: tahdoton
  • Yes, the opportunities gained from having a bachelors degree offset the cost of earning the degree.

    Although a bachelors degree is certainly overpriced one cannot argue with the fact that it offers one with more opportunities. Additionally it increases one's earning potential if you have a bachelors. There are many options for financial aid and grants so those who really can't afford to pay for school have options.

    Posted by: Fr4Giga
  • Earn potentials and the variety of opportunities offered from a bachelor's degree definitely justify the cost of tuition because the education is priceless.

    A college education has been proven to create increased opportunities for graduates. The degree helps graduates get jobs more easily and the worker will typically start with a higher position and salary. The lesson learned not only from class, but from college in general, are priceless. Many skills learned in college are essential for jobs in the professional world.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • Yes, the earnings potential justify the cost of tuition because completing the degree program is proof for higher salary.

    The opportunities and earning potential resulting from a bachelor's degree justify the cost of tuition. It is an accomplishment to complete a bachelor's degree program, but there are lots of programs available. In many cases, a bachelor's degree from a state university is just as valuable as the same degree from a private school. I don't think that the excessive costs of a private degree would be worth it, but for a reasonably priced state school, yes, it is worth the cost of a bachelor's degree. It is proven that a person with a bachelor's degree has a much higher earning potential throughout the course of his working career, and therefore it is worth the expense.

    Posted by: D_Sanford
  • Having a bachelor's degree is now a requirement for many jobs.

    I don't think education is ever a waste. Some job opportunities require a degree. It seems like more and more do. It is also a stepping ladder to more educational opportunities as well. You have a greater chance of landing a better paying position because of your degree. Employers tend to look at you differently because of it.

    Posted by: Num3r0Kenn
  • Yes, I think a Bachelors degree is worth the cost because it opens many doors for students.

    Without higher education most people will find it hard to ever find employment that will have room for growth and change. In today's economy especially, there are so many more people fighting for each and every job that a candidate needs every benefit they can possibly obtain.

    Posted by: SamDude
  • I earned a bachelor's degree, and I make very little.

    While education is very important, and I would never trade in my degree, I feel there is no advantage in today's workforce in having a degree. I personally know several people with varying levels of education, without a Bachelor's, who make more than I do. In addition, the field you choose also plays into it, and must be considered.

    Posted by: DebonairJeramy28
  • No, because education in this country should be free of charge.

    The average tuition spent to receive a bachelor's degree is absurd. Most graduates have to work for years just to pay off their loans. This country should lower tuition costs to provide a smarter future for us all.

    Posted by: NumberlessClemente63
  • I do not believe that the benefits of a bachelor's degree warrant the high cost of tuition at many schools.

    While having a bachelor's degree puts you in a higher position for job opportunities than people who have not pursued higher education, there is no reason that the cost of earning the degree is so high. It has become a bit of a necessity for the average person to obtain a four-year degree. Without one, the job opportunities available are pretty limited. Since more people are now attending school to earn bachelor's degrees the cost of an education should be less. Lowering the cost would attract even more students, which would create more revenue for any college or university they want to attend.

    Posted by: 54nShaI
  • The price of a bachelor's degree has gotten too high to justify the cost of tuition, because in this day and age, it's equivalent to a high school diploma.

    In this day and age, a university degree is the new high school diploma. Jobs that may have once only required an undergraduate education, often now require graduate education as well. If this is the case, the opportunities offered by an undergraduate degree are less, and they do not justify the ever-increasing undergraduate tuition costs.

    Posted by: MannP4rk
  • I disagree that the cost of a bachelor's degree is justified by the opportunities it opens up because there is no real evidence that it does.

    A higher education doesn't make much difference in today's economy. For at least two decades now the number one gripe among college graduates is that their degree is useless. The high cost of obtaining a bachelor's degree is not being rewarded with better and higher paying jobs and hasn't been for a long time. So it's nothing but a waste of money. It looks great on paper, but you can learn the same things for free online and be satisfied that you have the knowledge and do not need the useless degree.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • Most degrees don't offer jobs worth it.

    I think that people paying for degrees are more and more finding themselves in debt and with jobs they can not pay it off with. Most jobs don't provide enough to get them out of the heaping debt the fall in with going to school, that is, if they even get a job coming out of college. Most don't even get jobs and have to wait to find one while taking in more debt.

    Posted by: R0ckRichm
  • A bachelor's degree offers very little in this day and age.

    A bachelor's degree is worth next to nothing in today's job market. People who want to get better jobs are expected to pursue higher education, as well as on the job experience.
    In the end of it all, experience in the field is worth a lot more than any amount of education on the matter. In addition the rising tuition costs, and cutbacks because of lack of funding is making the idea of undergraduate education worse and worse.

    Posted by: 4uncLife

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