Do eccentric people make small towns more interesting (yes) or more dangerous (no)?

  • Yes, i believe eccentric people make small towns more interesting.

    Yes, I believe eccentric people make small towns more interesting, because technically everyone is eccentric. Everyone has traits within themselves that someone from a different background, or culture would perceive as eccentric . That's what makes life interesting. You meet new people, and experience new things everyday. Eccentric doesn't always equal danger.

  • Eccentric Is Just Different

    I do not think that eccentric people are all inherently dangerous, therefore I do not believe that eccentric people in small towns make the town more dangerous. Being eccentric can refer to a number of different things, attitudes, and ideas. Describing someone as eccentric can be a very subjective description and not everyone will agree to who is considered eccentric.

  • Eccentric people definitely make small towns more interesting.

    Eccentric people definitely make small towns more interesting.Small towns may tend to be boring because the same people live there year after year without bringing any new people in so when a town is able to have a local eccentric then living in that town is more interesting for everyone involved.

  • No, eccentric people make small towns more dangerous.

    Small towns are dangerous do to some of the eccentric people. Small towns are notorious for racism because the small population allows racists to prosper. Small towns are also notorious for being pro guns which also makes them more dangerous. Small town people also have nothing to lose and are more prone to crazy violent acts as a result.

  • In the long run it is more dangerous

    Everyone loves fun and interest, and eccentric people can add to this. However, people will find fun and entertainment with or without those people. In the long run there is more danger from eccentric people then there is fun. Many people will be too afraid to get close enough to enjoy the fun part.

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