Do educated people have a right to dismiss physical, manual labor?

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  • No, no one has the right to dismiss manual labor.

    No, the educated sometimes have to do physical, manual labor just like other people in the world, especially in the current United States economy. They are no better than someone who's not educated. I think more and more people have realized that in this economy. To a certain extent, it's brought people together.

  • It is critical.

    No, educated people do not have a right to dismiss physical, manual labor, because manual labor is something that we will always need. We will always need people to build buildings and roads. We will always need people to do jobs with their hands. Educated people also still need physical activity to be healthy.

  • Guess It's Really Up To Them

    I do not believe educated people should be inherently exempt from doing physical, manual labor. I suppose they could pass up such positions in hopes to find a position that fits their degree. If you can't find a position in your field, you're going to have to choose something. Manual labor is a job, it does pay the bills.

  • At some time in life everyone may have to perform manual labor

    No, I do not think that educated people have the right to dismiss physical and or manual labor. There may come a time when even the most educated of people may have to perform manual labor to make a living. As a matter of fact, in this job market there are many that have higher education, but are forced to work manual labor jobs to support their family.

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