• Educators should be paid more.

    Educators should be paid more because the educators are teaching the future. The students now are going to be lawyers, doctors, architects, teachers, and more. Today's students are going to help our country. The educators that taught them everything they know should be rewarded with something and it can at least be by paying them more.

  • Yes They Do

    Education is very important and I believe that educators need to be well compensated for the work that they do. Teaching pay should be performance based to give incentives for teachers to go that extra mile when interacting and teaching their students in the classroom. This will go a long way.

  • Yes, but depends on teacher performance

    Teachers are vastly underpaid for what time and effort they put into teaching their students. Most teachers go well beyond the time constraints of school and are often working at home preparing for the next days lesson. I firmly believe teachers should be some of the highest paid workers in the US, but it should depend on their performance. Student grades and test results while not the sole determinant of a teachers pay should be used as to measure bonuses. Since it depends on the students home life on their performance most often, the teacher shouldn't be penalized for lack of student performance, but more rewarded for the good performance.

  • It Is An Insult How Much Teachers Are Paid

    It's pretty terrible how little teachers are paid today. This is insulting to those people who are very good teachers. They care about our children and want to teach them. We reward them by paying them horrible wages. It's very disrespectful to teachers. And on the other hand it discourages people who would be good teachers from joining the profession. Then we end up with low-skilled, uncaring teachers who won't do a good job.

  • Yes, They Have An Important Job

    Our country's educators have some of the most important jobs in our society. They take care of our children during the day. They teach them important lessons, and they prepare them for the future. They deserved to be paid a lot more than they are making now. It is a symbol of respect.

  • When teachers care more they should be paid more.

    Teachers at the moment are really taking liberties with their job.
    When I was in 6th form (for american readers 16-18) my school went through a big shift and got many new teachers, almost every single one was young and fresh out of teacher training, they couldn't handle a class and they couldn't teach to save their life. Sure they were great fun to be around but your teacher isn't your friend it is your teacher I'm only 19 but when I look back I am just lucky that I didn't need grades for the job I wanted. Because when I say everyone in my year had to retake I mean 95% only 2 people got C and above at A level and over 70% got U's in two subjects which is bad considering you only pick three.

    Some teachers were good but they were few and far between, teachers today are simply students that like the rhythm and security of school, they have no practical life experience so how can they teach a class? They tell students to go read from a book because thats what worked for them but is that really teaching?

    All the best teachers have real world experience like my film teacher who worked for the BBC, told me to get an apprenticeship and It was the best decision of my life, but she was one out of the 150 teachers I had at my school, is that really acceptable? Is it acceptable that the only way school grades go up is if they lower the grade boundaries? No its not.

    Teachers need to care about what they are doing as they are a crucial part of someones life and I really don't think they understand this, I think if they really knew the impact they had on a generations lives they wouldn't be teaching because of the pressure. Teachers want to be your pal they don't want to do their job.

  • Absolutely, Positively Not

    How dare anyone even remotely say that teachers need to be paid as much as doctors? They have two months off during the summer, 2 days off every week, as well as many other days off during the school year. In addition, they only work about 8 hours a day, not including the free periods they have. In addition, some teachers simply show the students a powerpoint and have that be there lesson. That is not okay! Other teacher simply assign students to do problems in a textbook. That is not okay! If teachers want to be paid more, then they better work more. It is really jut that simple. Anyone can read a powerpoint and be paid for it. That is not fair. Even if a teacher is good and teachers all throughout the class, they still do not deserve to be paid nearly as much as a doctor. They do not work for it, therefore they do not get paid for it. How do they even have the audacity to complain about their pay when they have the easiest job ever and work less hours than any other career in the country. Also, how hard is it to grade a paper? Just to read something and mark it. In fact, most teachers grade all of their papers during class time while they assign the students busy work and don't teach them anything. For your information, there are teachers that earn $100,000 or more a year. That is not fair! It is not that hard to stand and teach for 45 minutes and having free periods. In fact, there was a gym teacher at my school who got paid $150,000 a year. Just for playing some basketball with the students and watching them run track. That is disgusting that he go paid so much for doing such easy work. To add on, do you know how many teachers yell and scream at students just because they can. What is with that? Who do they think they are? That is despicable and disgusting. In conclusion, if teachers get paid more then I will lose faith in American society.

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