• Change Not Guaranteed

    I believe looking over the history of the United States you can see that some elections have brought change. After all, the people did elect Abraham Lincoln, and if he didn't change things, I don't know who has. I would say the majority of elections don't carry as much weight.

  • It's all up to how much interests the electors have on politics and how much they are ready to participate in current indirect-politics form.

    When assessing the country's citizens, the most effective one is to search the rate of voters participation and specific age ratio. Ignorance on politics makes political divine power. Easily obtainable power will give chances to the overloaded faux. Over-prevalence of non-interest on politics will definetely make surpassed wrong polical party's power/

  • of course necessary

    through the election process we have to dethrone or throne the candidate depending on his implementation that he performs. Any kind of misbehavior performed in past government is punished through change. also shows eagerness in the elections process by every responsible person of india. provides them authority to be a part of national constitution.

  • Yes, elections do bring change.

    Simply because whoever the next politician is, everything will change in a way of that politician wants to or maybe we may say that the politician can control the government the way they want to. We can not say that there's no change, why? Because politicians are differ in their own ways on how to control the state/nation.

  • Of Course!

    Elections bring us new elected officials, which then domino into major shifts in policy. Obama beat McCain, and we now have sweeping changes to our health care system. In smaller elections, say in local town elections to a board of education for example, a new group may completely turn around the zoning in a town or policies which have impact on all. Not every election changes the status quo,and sometimes it is very slow, but it does bring change, even if only in personell.

  • Not in the current system.

    In the current US system, we have only two political parties to choose from, and they are not much different, so it's hard for elections to bring any real change. Mitt Romney talked big, but his policies were not really that different from Barack Obama's, so it was hard to feel like there was any real choice. Other countries often have similar problems. Until there are more choices, it's hard to feel like elections really bring change.

  • No elections do not bring change

    The only way an election will ever bring true change, is if we stopped voting for the same things every election and did something different. Until then, nothing will change except for the worse. The republican-democrat system is in place to make us think we have a choice, when in reality these choices are one in the same. Until we start making new choices....we will keep getting more of the same. So I don't think elections bring any real change at all, and won't unless we force it.

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