• the elections center

    I personally agree,I believe the G.O.P. has certainly made some bad mistakes over the last few elections and many would say that it is standing on its last leg. I believe one of their biggest problems was selecting Sarah Palin as a running mate for McCain which spoke a lot about the G.O.P.'s view on women. Secondly, in the last election they put a person up that was incapable of comprehending the majority of Americans problems. If they don't come up with a viable candidate this time I'm sure they will lose their footing entirely.

  • The policies are key

    I think that elections are mostly centered on policy and what the next leader says that he or she is going to do. I think that the key to winning an election is saying that you have some really good programs that are going to make the place a lot better.

  • No, they center on leaders.

    Most people will vote for the leader no matter the policy. I believe that Obama won not because of his policy but because of himself, and the people he attracts. People want a charismatic leader because in the end they realize that policy will get screwed over by Congress anyway.

  • Elections do focus primariy on leaders.

    Elections seem to have less to do with policy than they do with the personalities of the candidates. This can be to the detriment of the voters who are trying to decide on which person is best for the job. It seems as if the policy that candidates espouse changes depending on who they're talking to; they will say whatever they think people want to hear until they are elected.

  • They are emotional.

    Elections center on leaders, rather than policies, because people just want to vote for whomever is the most charismatic. Elections on a big scale are not very different than elections back in middle or high school. People just vote for whomever is the best public speaker, regardless of what they have to say about policy.

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