• Magnetic fields do not affect our health.

    Contrary to popular belief (or maybe we should say popular fears) electrical magnetic fields in no way affect the health of the average human being. Magnetic fields surround the earth and are vital for our very survival as a planet. The magnetic fields around electrical devices are no different from this situation.

  • Electrical magnetic fields do affect our health

    There are many studies that show that EMF can cause cancer. There have been studies that show that this is more predominant in children, with excessive EMF exposure causing Leukemia, among other things. However this is proving to be a difficult thing to prove because most cancer causing agents take at least 10 or more years to develop. Since cell phones have only been around for a little over 20 years, it might take a few more years before we fully understand how EMF affects our lives.

  • No, I don't think electricial magnetic fields affect our health.

    There has been no scientific study done that can credibly say that earths magnetic field are affecting our health either positively or negatively, I think scientists will continue to research this subject but overall I don't think they will find any proof that electrical fields are effecting us in any way medically.

  • We Aren't Sure

    Some people have reported problems with electrical sensitivity. This usually shows in the form of a headache. We are not really sure if electrical magnetic fields affect our health. Hopefully studies will eventually answer this question. I know I have had a few headaches in connection to this problem and I would be interested in hearing a confirmed, scientific answer.

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