Do electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking (yes) or prolong their nicotine addiction (no)?

  • They help a lot.

    I was able to switch from analog (traditional) cigarettes to an ecig with zero cross over. Since I started, I've lowered my nicotine amount gradually and am about to hit zero. It also contains an ingredient list that is less than the numbers of fingers on one hand and I can see what the FDA/Health Canada has said about each. It is far less dangerous than smoking.

  • Ecigs deserve bettet

    The amount of negativity aimed at Ecigs is doing the technology a severe injustice. The health benefits that can be gained from the due ices far outways the negatives. The EU regulations could potentially do severe harm to a large proportion of it's citizens. We should all be supporting the EFVI initiative.

  • Ecigs save lives

    The answer to the question posed is actually yes AND no. Yes they help people to quit smoking, but they can also prolong a nicotine addiction IF that is what user actually decides forTHEMSELVES.

    Whoever set this question is approaching the subject from an uninformed mindset.. A lot of people switch to vaping not to cease using nicotine, but to get their nicotine delivered via a much safer method.

    It speaks volumes to me that the question setter doesn't even consider this to be an option.. Educate yourself about vaping and vapers before trying to ask questions please.. You might get a more coherent result.

    A lot of the people who say that vaping doesn't work have never actually smoked or vaped, so they can't actually comment with any validity. They just disapprove of vaping because it 'looks like' smoking and their puritanical, prejudiced, small minded outlook won't allow them to acknowledge the scientific facts.. They prefer to stick to the tired old 'quit or die' mantra.

    Time to wake up and recognise the potential health gains from tobacco harm reduction instead of sticking to knee jerk rejections you antis.

  • They worked for me

    I bought my first e-cig intending to cut down and save some money. Two days later I had my last cigarette and have been vaping exclusively for nearly four months. I've tried giving-up many times in the past, by going cold turkey & using NRT products (which could also be said to be prolonging the nicotine habit) but have never been smoke free for so long in the last thirty years.

    E-cigs do solve the problem. The problem is not the nicotine habit, the problem is the known ill effects of inhaling smoke. Vapers still get to enjoy nicotine without the associated risks.

  • It solves the problem of burning tobacco.

    Only if you burn tobacco then you are a smoker.
    Inhaling smoke is the problem not nicotine use.

    If people say that if you consume nicotine you are still a smoker then everybody is a smoker because probably everybody in the world consumes nicotine in one form or another (potato/tomato/aubergines/etc.

    Apparently nicotine alone is not that addictive (see nicorette site). It depends on how fast it enters the brain. And with ecigs it is not as fast as smoking (with all its added chemicals) which is why people can very easy drop the nic level if they want to.

  • E-cigs help people quit smoking tobacco

    E-cigs ,right now, are enabling millions of smokers who were unable to quit with patches gum and inhalators to quit smoking tobacco permanently. Distinction needs to be made between the harm smoking tobacco can cause and the use of nicotine. The harm from smoking comes from the smoke , nicotine is present in e-cigs but at a reduced level , a level that low enough not to pose any major health risk and high enough to keep smokers satisfied without tobacco. The fact smokers enjoy them is an important factor in their success.

  • E-cigs worked for me

    I smoked heavily for 25 years and absolutely nothing worked to get me off the habit - until I tried a refillable e-cig of the type the EU seems determined to ban. The result as that I managed to quit smoking instantly and painlessly. To argue that they're not effective is beyond absurd - it's dishonest.

  • Ecigs help people quit smoking

    Not smoked for 3 years. Still consume nicotine, but that’s far better than smoking and probably better than an addiction/habit to caffeine, sugar, alcohol etc.... The question of prolonging nicotine addiction seems a strange one. I don't see stopping smoking the same as stopping nicotine. I have the option to more easily reduce nicotine intake with ecigs than I did with smoking.

  • E cigs are good option

    This question is one that has been around for quite some time and is not easily answered. There are groups on both sides of the issue that will insist that they are right and they will not budge regarding their opinions. Both sides have quality arguments and they both need to be open minded.

  • Electronic cigarettes help people prolong their nicotine addiction.

    In my opinion, electronic cigarettes are only preventing people from quitting smoking. Even though there is no harmful "tar" in e-cigarettes, there is still the crippling addiction to the ins and outs of smoking.

    There is nothing even "healthy" about the e-cigarettes. Because they don't contain many of the harmful chemicals regular cigarettes do, they appear healthy, but actually prolong addiction.

  • It doesn't solve the problem.

    No, electronic cigarettes do not help people quit smoking because they only keep the people addicted to nicotine. It is safer for someone to smoke an electronic cigarette, because the cigarette doesn't have the carcinogens in it. But it has the same nicotine content, which means it doesn't do anything to stop addiction.

  • They prolong addiction

    Electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional ones (we think) but that's one of the reasons they extend addiction as opposed to ending it. The pressure to quit using an electronic cigarette isn't nearly as strong as a traditional one, so people have less incentive to quit once they switch to them.

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