Do electronic gadgets rule the life of common man?

  • Desh ka masiha

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  • Technology rules the world

    Yes, electronic gadgets has taken over the world. This is true in almost ever region of the world. Just looking on public transportation, restaurants, or even in school are you see is little electronics and head bent in unison sending and receiving messages. People live their lives on social networks and need to be connected at all time. Gadgets have definitely take rule over the common man, not just the wealthy.

  • Yes, We Are Ruled by Our Tools

    In cafes and restaurants, at lunch and at dinner, diners sit
    across from their colleagues, their dates or their loved ones, talking to their
    phones. Groups of teens sit at coffee shop tables, each one texting. Customers
    check out at the Costco without saying one word to the cashier, because they
    are on the phone. It is impossible to ride public transportation without learning
    the dull details of someone else’s life, because we are all addicted to our
    devices. Lovers find each other in chat rooms, and break up by phone. How sad.

  • We are not ruled by electronic gadgets.

    As mentioned we are not ruled by electronic gadgets, It is the way we use them. WE can control ourselves and get rid of them. Technology is not always bad and if anyone reading this thinks that technology is bad and we should not use it then I should tell them that the gadgets doesn't only contains smartphones.

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