Do Electronic Voting Machines Prevent Residual Votes?

  • Yes, they allow for instant checks.

    Yes, electronic voting machines prevent residual votes, because they can check votes very quickly in a way that tally votes by hand cannot. With an electronic voting machine, a person needs only to hit a button in order to determine whether there are duplicate votes. This takes much longer when voting by hand.

  • NO way! Too dangerous

    It is not good because there could be hacking on line. The computers are not safe. It goes through many computers internets and tablets and people (hackers) will probably see it and they will probably change it to the one they think is good. This is my opinion. What's yours?

  • No, any computer is fallable

    Electronic voting machines are essentially a computer. A computer can be hacked and be made to do whatever the operator wants. I feel like an automated voting machine is not a reliable method of voting and should either be made more secure or their use be discontinued. There would be fewer allegations of voter fraud if everything was voted for on paper ballots.

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