Do England supporters deserve to watch national events onthe Internet for free?

  • Yes, supporters of England deserve to watch national events online for free

    Yes, events that are free to be viewed by one should be free to be viewed by all, especially when it comes to an global, open network such as the internet. Once you start creating categories of discrimination, whether it be on certain groups, individuals or viewpoints, freedom is eroded. National events should inspire and include all people, even those who may hold differing beliefs. A nation is not made up of just one type of person or opinion, but many. National events are a time for people to come together, not be divided.

  • Advertising Should Cover The Cost

    I believe England supporters deserve to watch national events on the Internet, for free. Internet advertising is abundant and I believe those advertisers should have to pay an ample amount to cover the cost of airing national events. This allows the company advertising opportunities while getting important public events out to the citizens and even the world.

  • Yes, they do.

    the England supporters do deserve to watch national events on the internet if they choose to. As a matter of fact, everyone should have this option. It's not like these people don't already have enough money. Just let us watch what we want to watch and be done with it already.

  • No free events online

    England supporters do not deserve to watch national events on the Internet for free. It would be different if they were government-sponsored events, but in general people should pay for whatever event they wish to see. These events usually fall into the sports category. People who attend live spend so much money to see them, so watching over the net should cost a bit too.

  • No, England supporters should not get to watch national events for free.

    No, England supporters need to pay for a service that costs money to produce. Belonging to a country does not give one the right to free services. Television corporations have had to pay good money for the rights to broadcast these national events. It is unfair for the general public to get these services in capitalist society.

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