• Too many vote.

    Yes, enough Americans vote, because there are so many that vote that are not informed about the issues. The person who was yelling about Obama phones should not be voting. People who do not pay taxes should not be voting. People who do not understand basic economics should not vote, either.

  • No: Not Enough Americans Vote

    Beyond this is that too many Americans are voting against their own interests by supporting a financially corrupted, two party war system. Whether it's Obama or Bush in office, the war on terror continues to expand, to the detriment of human beings around the globe. More people need to vote and exert pressure on politicians, but even more critically, people need to start caring about the level of violence, inequality, and destabilization occurring in the world under both Democrats and Republicans.

  • Not even close

    This is a huge problem in the American society. Citizens have become so disenfranchised by the election system and the properties of how some one is elected has changes so drastically over the last 20 years or so that people are no longer willing to take the time to vote. There needs to be a resurrection of voting in America and a level of ownership placed on the ability to not only vote but participate in this system of influence.

  • No, not enough Americans vote.

    I do not think that enough Americans vote. I think that more Americans in the country should vote. It is a right and privilege that people should be proud of. But I think that most Americans just don't see the importance of it. I think more Americans need to be educated about it.

  • I Don't Think So

    I have voted in every presidential election I should since I was 18, but I feel bad about avoiding smaller elections, which should be considered equally important. It is sad to see the number of people that I do avoid voting, and some aren't even allowed. I think more people need to participate in this event.

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