• Environmentalists are being used.

    They are being used to push UN Agenda 21. This agenda calls for all people to dwell in cities rather than occupying open space. A good example is the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Mr. Bundy was charged excessive grazing fees for his cattle. The land on which they graze has Desert Tortoise. This turtle was used as an additional excuse to push him and his cattle off the land. Mr. Buddy had support from many influential supporters until a comment concerning African Americans was misinterpreted. Buddy questioned if the blacks were any better off today then in days of slavery. I would like to intrupet his statement as meaning that blacks are still not free. As a matter of fact it's Things like UN agenda 21 that is restricting freedom of us all. We are being told where to live. What's next. Being told what to eat and drink and how much. Oops. Mayor Bloomberg has already set the size of soft drinks in NYC. The environmentalists are being used by our government to restrict our freedom. We should all join the NAACP. That organization knows how to accomplish. With failed urban schools and a large percentage of black males incarcerated with blacks having to kiss up to the government for assistance; are blacks or for that instance any of us better off today. We are all slaves of a failed political system that ran out of ways to make it appear as if people actually have a choice and is now in the process of furthest controlling our lives. And yes they will do so by any means necessary.

  • just a blanket excuse

    I feel like they do use that excuse a little bit to much and that it normally does not apply to the current building project. It is just a universal excuse blanket that can be used on any kind of project and it can be shown. The tearing down of forests would be a good example of what is happening. There is no way to tell though how many homes are taken from the current animal population.

  • Yes, environmentalists use species loss as an excuse to stop major building projects.

    Of course environmentalists uses species loss as an excuse to stop major building projects. Just as the President of the United States uses loss of human life as an excuse to not launch nuclear weapons. Just because something is an "excuse" doesn't mean it is unjustified. Species loss is a valid reason to reconsider developing in a certain area.

  • Yes, environmentalists sometimes uses species loss to stop construction.

    I think that a lot of environmentalist groups use the reason of a species loss as an excuse for stopping a building project. It's a tactic that proves to be efficient a lot of the times. I think it does a great disservice to the communiy though. Sometimes, a lot of their claims are unfounded.

  • Yes, I think environmentalists use species loss as an excuse to stop major building projects.

    One of the ways that environmentalists know they can get the public behind their campaigns is by pointing out how a project will wipe out a species completely, most people don't want to see something like that happen so they join the side of the environmentalists forcing the building developers to modify or abandon the project.

  • They just use the environment in general.

    No, environmentalists do not use species loss as an excuse to stop major building projects, because environmentalists will use any reason available to them to stop major building projects. They usually just argue impact to the environment in general, rather than to any specific species. They also argue climate change.

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