Do EULAs give too much power to vendors who require users to agree to one before using the service?

  • EULAs are too powerful.

    I believe that end user license agreements, or EULAs, do give too much power to the vendors. This results in lost power users because they have no choice in the matter. Users should not have to sign a detailed agreement just to be able to use a product in their home or office.

  • If you buy it...

    If you buy something you should be able to use it however you need to. If you need to use software for your business you already pay more for it. So you should not be told how you can use it. You should use it anyway that it will help youir business grow.

  • Ultimate control and power

    I whole heartedly agree that EULAs give companies and vendors too much power. I can not even begin to count how many times I have had to agree to using a service just to reach a bigger goal while doing work online. I can't be sure if it's true but I read somewhere that if we were to read completely through all the EULAs we came across it would constitute 72 days of our lives. I don't know anyone that actually reads through them. Even as conscientious as I am to never agree to anything without reading everything carefully, I can honestly say that at most I might skim all the sections.

  • EULA is necessary

    I believe EULAs are mandatory for some businesses to function. In society, I think it should be required for people to actually read through these agreements instead of skimming over them. They could contain very important information. Without these, a lot of companies would not be able to supply their specific services to customers.

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