• The dangers have been proven.

    In places like Germany and Sweden there has been a spike in violent crimes particularly rape. In Sweden especially there are known gangs going around raping people, these gangs have been getting bigger and bigger with the influx of 'refugees' entering the country. In Germany there was over 160 accounts of sexual assault from a batch of 1000 'refugees'. These people are not conditioned for western civilization, and it is dangerous for Europeans.

  • Yes, Europeans need protection from culture clashes.

    The biggest protection anyone can give Europeans is an education center for immigrants. What I am seeing in the headlines is caused by immigrants not understanding the laws that Europeans have been brought up with since birth. If the only thing the people coming in have to education themselves on coming into Europe is ignorant hearsay from leaders the immigrants left behind, then it is time for Europeans to protect themselves with education centers for immigrants.

  • Europeans Can Stand On Their Own

    I do not feel Europeans need protection from immigrants. With the recent terrorist attacks that happened in Paris, I think they handled themselves rather well. They didn't hesitate to initiate justice on those who made the mistake of thinking them weak. They acted swiftly to ensure everyone knows that terrorism will not be tolerated, and I think they got their point across.

  • Immigrants need love to!

    In most cases, immigrants are fleeing bad situations to make better lives for themselves and their families. All parents want better futures for their children and travelling to a foreign land to attempt to have a better life shows an immense amount of love. It's a difficult thing to leave what you know but immigrants still view it as the best option and Europeans need no protection from people like that.

  • There's no need for hysteria

    Of course one has to vet the immigrants coming in to a given country but there's no need to be paranoid about them. Law enforcement has to exercise due diligence in making sure everyone is who they say they are and are in the country for legitimate reasons. Otherwise, the immigrants should not automatically be stigmatized. They should be given the benefit of the doubt.

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