• Yes they do.

    They show the teachers how much the students retained the information throughout the year. It allows them to see what topics they had a difficult time with and showed them the topics that were easy. They examinations are just a way of teachers seeing how effective their teaching is and seeing the topics that the teacher needs to reteach for the next exam.

  • Yes,examinations do reflect academic success.

    As the system exists now examinations do reflect academic success.That is because the definition of academic success is partly determined by achievements on exams.The issue is that it may not necessarily reflect the amount of learning that has been completed Until the time comes where a better evaluation system is created then exams will have to do.

  • It's important to have exams as a reflection of learning.

    I feel that it's very important for schools to give exams. They're a good reflection of how much a student is not only learning in class, but also retaining. They also force kids to study, which is something they may not otherwise do, in order to try and get a good grade. Unlike normal homework, exams are done without the learning materials right in front of them, so they encourage children to think for themselves and to learn.

  • Only written tests

    Written tests do reflect academic success of the students, although some might get nervous and do worse on the test than they would under no stress. But oral examinations when a student has to answer questions in front of a board of teachers are too much stress. I had those as a kid and I dreaded them. It was too easy to freak out and forget important parts of the subject.

  • Not All Exams Are Equal

    I do not believe examinations always fully reflect academic success. I believe they can provide a good estimate for many students, but they are not 100% accurate. Tests can be faulty or they can be missing a lot of information. There is no one perfect way to measure academic success.

  • Exams Do Not Reflect Academic Success

    No, exams do not reflect academic success. Rather, exams reflect the ability to successfully take exams. There are many reasons a student may perform poorly on an exam that do not indicate a lack of academic ability. For example, if the student has a reading disability or severe test anxiety.

  • No they don't mostly.

    Exams can only show that students can copy the information to papers. For instance, a students can spend all their time not caring what the subject is about then trying to memorize a day before the exam which is called surface learning. Another way that shows exams does not necessarily reflect academic success, is when you have 2 students that are equally smart but one of them gets nervous from exams or had a bad day. Therefore, it wouldn't show how successful they are just by giving students exams.

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