• No. I become sexually aroused at the site of exams. Wtf is this question?

    Anyone who says no is an actual idiot. Sorry for my poor argumentative approach, but according to the comments on the "NO" side... It's all I have to say. The answer is obvious. It's Yes.

    Random words to meet word count: frog, desk, apple, solar system, cock, breasticles, two boobs.

  • Yes I agree

    I agree that tests make students restless because as a student myself, my friends and I have been up till very late revising for an exam that is seen to be so important. When actually the test is just away of the teacher knowing wether we can remember things well or not. Tests are stressful and unnecessary for a student. Especially students of young ages. When I was in the third grade I remember being really upset because of getting 48% on a geography exam I had worked so hard for, and thinking back on it, that exam did nothing for my life in anyway apart from making me stressed, upset and scared at what could happen because of this failure that meant nothing in the long run.

  • Yes, i agree

    That students become restless because of exams.Students usually do last minute revision due to time management issues. Moreover teachers give extra practice for exams so that they will get good grades.Parent's expectations are also one of the reasons why students get restless as they want to meet their parents' expectations.Peer influence also contributes to this

  • No, exams do not make students restless.

    Students are not restless as a result of exams. Students are restless as a recent result of the use of Adderall in order to stay awake to study more. Adderall is an upper to adults. This makes college students restless around the times of the exams. Drug use is nothing to play with.

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