• Sometime, somewhere, sure.

    Exploding teeth are sort of like cases of spontaneous combustion or similar rarities. It's a big world, and there are things out there that happen all the time that you should never worry about. So while it's interesting to read about and think about for a second, I'm not going to start fretting that my teeth are going to explode.

  • Yes, exploding teeth really exist.

    Though it may seem that exploding teeth are implausible, the fact that there are documented cases of this event happening in individuals means it is likely a real occurrence. Even though it may seem incredulous to many, this does not mean that it is impossible, as there are many things about the human body that we do not understand, and it is capable of likely more than we know.

  • Yes, they do.

    While a very rare phenomenon, exploding teeth is a real thing that has happened to a few people. Exploding teeth are caused by buildup of gases under pressure and are very dangerous. They can even be deadly due to the force of the explosion and the shrapnel caused by the explosion.

  • Why would you think that?

    No, exploding teeth do not exist. If that were true then why do humans not have damaged mouths. Because if you guys are right then humans would be more aware of this. Dentists would know this right? Well I am a dentist and I have no idea why you guys would believe this.

  • Its so wrong

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  • Teeth don't explode

    It seems that urban legends abound...and one of these numerous legends is the allegation that exploding teeth are a reality. This is a completely ridiculous allegation! There are no reports of teeth exploding, and there is absolutely no scientific backing for this claim. These urban legends have no truth behind them.

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