Do Extra Curricular Activities Help Develop Good Character?

  • Yes, they make a more interesting child.

    Yes, extra curricular activities help develop good character, because they teach many good lessons. Extra curricular activities teach children discipline. They teach children that with some effort, they can get better at things. Extra curricular activities can teach something as simple as the importance of being on time for a practice.

  • They Build Good Character

    Extra Curricular activities do indeed build good character. It provides people with a social outlet and something to do with others While communicating you can make friends, help others, and be a contributing person in your community. Due to this I think these activities build character and I would recommend them to any and everyone.

  • Yes they do

    Extra curricular activities help children develop good character. They help kids not only learn about their interests, but they also teach them the value of hard work, team work, and self-respect. Not all kids will like what they try at first, but learning to try new things is also very important.

  • No, they only support segregation.

    Having been in public schools all my life I can see that there are many people who are in outside sports clubs and things as such. Unfortunately, being in these sports and clubs only gives them the key to joining a different social class. In my opinion, extra curricular sports and clubs only support bullying. I am against it.

  • No, they aren't essential to building any sort of character.

    Having been through high school, I can say that the extracurricular activities did nothing to help build my character. It was what I did outside of school, off-campus that defined my character. They may help some people, but they did not help me, and I studied my friends who also took extra activities and they all agreed that they didn't feel like a better person for having been a part of them.

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