• Extreme Parenting Techniques

    I personally think that extreme parenting techniques can backfire depending on the parents as well as the child because a child can be getting into things at the age of sixteen and it could backfire on the parents when the child gets grown. I personally think that extreme paring techniques can backfire and it can affect the child.

  • my old friend

    Yes, i do think that extreme parenting techniques will backfire most of the time. I had a friend in high school whose parents were extremely strict on, and now he is covered in tatoos, on drugs, and is a singer and base player in a screamo band, so it backfires.

  • Extreme parenting is terrible.

    Yes, of course extreme parenting techniques backfire. There is no need for this sort of nonsense. Really, when you look at it, it's just a cover up for child abuse. Just give your children a consistent environment where they can feel loved and flourished, and that's basically all you need.

  • I Think They Do

    I believe extreme parenting techniques can backfire, but depending on the method used they can result in different outcomes. Sometimes extreme parenting can cause a person trouble in the adulthood as they deal with all of the problems of their childhood, I would say this is common with narcissistic parents or when a child is mostly ignored. In other cases extreme parenting can fail to prepare a child for the adulthood and the real world, which leads them to deal with a whole new pack of problems once they realize there's not someone micromanaging their every move. Overall, as with most things, parenting is best done when following a middle path that avoids extremes.

  • Yes, extreme parenting techniques backfire.

    Yes, extreme parenting techniques backfire all the time. In toady's society, so many parents believe they have to go to extreme measure to shape there children exactly how they see fit. Unfortunately, most parents don't realize a light push in the right direction is all children need most times. Pushin to extreme limits will cause the children to revolt and most likely do the opposite fo what the parent is asking them to do.

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