Do extremely sexually experienced women intimidate you?

Asked by: Jojodancer
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  • Sexual Experience is Awesome

    Why would anyone experienced be intimidating? It should be flattering. After all they have experienced and known, they are interested in what you have to offer? And it should be enjoyable for you as well. All the pleasure, less responsibility - what is not to like about that? Enjoy the experience!

  • Why they intimidate me?

    These women knows what men wants and how to give men what they want. So there is no reason why they intimidate men. Would an experienced driver intimidate the passenger? I don't think so. Rather it is the inexperienced women who intimidates men because they cannot give men what men want.

  • Actually like the idea

    There is nothing wrong with an experienced woman. Why would this intimidate me or really any man? We are all sexual beings and I've been with aggressive women and loved the experience. This is a big NO for me for this one. I say bring them on and lets have some fun lol

  • Why would they be?

    Would you be intimidated by a more experienced worker in the same position, with the same salary as you at work you would only have things to learn and experiences to share. The same with sex, You can't fear a woman because she is more experiences, she's only got things more sussed out so to speak and she has a more clear picture of how her body works and how to pleasure it.

  • Just the opposite women I'm there 30's with alot of notches In her belt is what I want.

    I have no time for that's gross or I don't do this and that. Give me a grown woman in her mid thirties any day. Preferably fresh off a divorce. Then they let you do all the things she wouldn't let her ex do. Inexperienced conservative women are usually high maintenance and low thrills.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-19T03:58:00.067
You learn something new about yourself and others from each and every encounter.