• Fairy Tales = Imagination

    If there were no Fairy tales there would be no Cinderella or Puss In Boots or, I could go on and on. Fairy Tales were the start of imagination. Fair Tales are imagination!

    “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
    ― Albert Einstein

  • It shows kids that you will never be happy until you get married.

    If you've ever seen a Disney princesses movie or even one of the old classic fairy tales- most of them are about finding love. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love, love, but we are teaching our kids that you will never be happy until you marry a prince!! It is just unrealistic.

  • Yes it is!!!

    Without imagination we'd have none of our devices we have today. The hoover, the TV, the fridge and the phone or whatever device your using to read this comment. What sparked the ideas for these gadgets? Imagination. And what sparks imagination? Fairytales. So that logic proves that fairy tales are here for the better or worst!

  • Fairy Tales give children a false idea of reality because of the unrealistic stories and goals.

    In a survey took in 2009 kindergarteners were asked what is true love. Over half of the kids put a prince kissing you. Like in “Snow White”, The Evil Queen wants to kill Snow White because she is the prettiest women and in the fairy tale “Princess and the Pea”, The mother wants to make sure the girl is a real princess by putting a small pea under her bed rather than testing courage. 52% of the parents in a survey taken by telegraph co., said Cinderella and Snow White didn’t send a good message about female stereotypes like cleaning and cooking.
    At the end of each story, fairy tales end with the key point and “Then they lived Happily Ever After.” This phrase makes children believe that life is care-free and perfect.

  • In some way, yes

    In my point of few it's both for and against. On the one hand fairy tales allow you to let your imagination run free and to imagine the world how we probably sometimes want it to be. But I think right there's the problem. I think there are too many people dreaming of their Prince Charming crossing your path while doing the shopping. But love is much more complete than it is shown in fairy tales. So all in all I think fairy tales lead us to believe in a factitious world which will never be reality.

  • No there good

    No they are really good because i said so and i was trying to help everyone that said no so yeah and i dont know what else tpo say so yeah agian and i need more words so now i am just going to type 2 more words so yea

  • The essence of a childhood

    Are you really going to get rid of everything a child has ever grown up with and loved? What will happen to all the princesses, fairies, dragons, storybooks and the lovable old hags? Fairy tales are what children grow up yearning. They are all that children know and love.


  • No, They're Not Real

    Fairy Tales aren't real. They aren't historical. They are stories made to inspire and entertain. A person who hasn't been taught the different between what is real and what is not is to blame when they abuse fiction, not the fiction itself. Fairy tales are written stories. They are not real and they cannot hurt you.

  • Fairy tales are good

    I do not agree. Fairy tales contain lots of ideas that children can actually use in their life. As Albert Einstien said, “When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.”

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